Thursday, January 8, 2009

But can C of $ Save Them?


Even while soaking up the sun in Puerto Rico, Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony just couldn’t escape the ongoing rumors of relationship woes.

While reps for the couple insist everything’s “great,” People magazine reports that there may be a grain of truth behind the gossip.

“The marriage is experiencing frustrations because of the added stress of the twins (11-month-old Max and Emme),” a close source revealed. “But they will work things out. They love each other, and that will dictate what happens. I don’t think divorce is in the picture.”

*Don't forget, rumor is the split is coming right after St. Valentine's day!*

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I'm Fuckin BORED!

There's nothing really interesting going on and I'm done with Jett's death.....but here: Jay and Silent Bob feel my boredom.  From Clerks II:

Monday, January 5, 2009

That's It?

We're supposed to believe this cuz they say so?  From TMZ:

Lindsay & Sam -- Kaput

Posted Jan 5th 2009 7:20PM by TMZ Staff

TMZ has it down solid -- Lindsay and Sam Ronson are officially history.


but there is this from popcrunch:

Lindsay Lohan has broken up with her lesbian lover of nine months, DJ Samantha Ronson, after a bitter argument between the women turned violent on New Year’s Day.

Lindsay, 22, who was spotted carrying a big bag out of the couple’s LA home over the weekend, has reportedly moved out of the home she shared with the popular celebrity spinner and gotten a place of her own.

Trouble in paradise began on New Year’s Eve, when Lindsay and Samantha hosted a bash together at club Mansion, where the two began arguing in public.

“Both their families were there, and Lindsay and Samantha just started going at it,” a source told the NY Post.

Lindsay screamed, “When I storm off, you are supposed to follow me!”

“It was a really gross alley. There was a bum eating a sandwich and watching the whole thing,” a source told the paper. “Lindsay was really unstable and flipping out.”

The Post claims a war of words later turned to a physical altercation at a Miami hotel the two women were staying at.

“They were punching each other – it was bad,” another hotel patron told the paper. “And they were doing this in front of all of us. It was scary.”

Hotel security were dispersed to take photos of the girls’ reportedly trashed room.

“The screams and crashing from their room were heard all over the hotel,” a spywitness whispers.

“They spilled out into the hallway at 11am, kicking and punching each other. People were watching. They were going for it - it was scary. Lindsay seemed unstable. At one point she dropped to her knees and cried, ‘Why are you doing this to me?’ Sam just said, ‘I don’t know you.’”

“Mirrors were broken and it was a complete mess…..They (the hotel) took pictures of their room for evidence - it was trashed with broken mirrors and debris everywhere,” the source added.

Just My Two Cents


FREEPORT, Bahamas - An official with a Bahamian funeral home says Jett Travolta’s death certificate says he was killed by a “seizure.”

Glen Campbell is assistant director of the funeral home handling the remains of John Travolta’s 16-year-old son.

He tells The Associated Press that the body is in “great condition” and shows no sign of head trauma, despite police officials who said the teen may have hit his head on a bathtub.

Authorities performed an autopsy Monday but didn’t release the results. Campbell said the certificate was based on the autopsy findings, and gave no information on the cause of death beyond the word “seizure.”

Jett Travolta’s body is now at the Grand Bahama airport en route for burial in Ocala, Fla., where the actor owns a home.

*I think the kid had dealer's cousin had it and died of a grand mal seizure. I think that since strobe lights are known to trigger seizures, they kept him out of the spotlight to protect him from paparazzi camera flashes. Maybe they didn't want to put him through all that if it would trigger him. I don't know about autism but that's what i think.

I also think that what the Travoltas were doing was all to protect Jett and get him the help he needed.  That meant producing lies about his condition, not so much for the public, although it spilled over to there, but so the $cibots would support and help them.  John and Kelly must have known when they heard the diagnosis that there would be a hard fight since the C of $ doesn't recognise epilepsy as a real disease.  They must have known, when Jett was having grand mal seizures that this day might come, they just didn't think it would be so soon.

They must have found a doctor who was acceptable to the C of $ who would help them with the deception in order to get the care that Jett needed.  The lie was for them, not us.  They live in a world of lies bound together with their own personal deceptions.

So because I think they truely loved their son and did everything in their power for him, I'm giving the Travoltas a Spin Sycle get out of jail free pass.  I'm letting this one go.  May Jett rest in the arms of angels and may his parents find the solace and comfort that they need.  And I truly truly hope that those that they must lie to in order to preserve what memories they have of their son, burn in the deepest and most horrible depths of hell.*