Saturday, September 6, 2008

Britney Rehearsal

Here you go kids, Brit's back at work! What is she prepping for, VMA's? new video? The song is "womanizer"...personally, I don't think she has the snap in this that she used to and the choreography isn't....well, fresh. It's 2008, not 1998.....can't we get better moves? And the video is being touted as the "Secret britney Video" but she knows she's being come on, this isn't a secret or a leak, it's a plant.

Britney's Back!
Britney Spears

Sweet - Love is Like Oxygen

Here's a real blast from the past that I've been hearing on the radio a lot recently. Ahhh....70's man/girl hair. Enjoy!

Let's see how crappy the past two days have been, my truck threw a rod and the cheapest thing I can do is replace the dealer managed to find a deal on that. Also, The sewer line backed up into both of my bathrooms. Can you say "I'm broke, no joke?"

Mickey Rourke used to be SO HOT

Remember? He has a new film coming out called the Wrestler.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Harry Potter likes 'em Older!

Maybe she taught him a few tricks!

Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe lost his virginity to an older woman at the age of 16, he has revealed.

The actor, now 19, told Details magazine that the age difference between him and his first sexual partner "wasn't ridiculous but it would freak some people out". He chose not to offer any clues about the female's identity.

Daniel Radcliff screw

Radcliffe confirmed that he prefers older women but is currently single because his hectic schedule makes it too difficult for him to have a girlfriend.

The star, who stripped naked for his role in West End play Equus, went on to speak about his plans to continue accepting unusual parts.

He said: "I think part of me would love to play a drag queen, just because it would be an excuse to wear loads of eye make-up."

Radcliffe also insisted that his off-screen behaviour would not shock his fans, explaining: "I don't pretend to do anything particularly wild. People talk about rebellion and they say, 'Where is the teenage angst?'

"But I say I try to do it simply by the choices I make in the work I do. I just like wrong-footing people. I like being different from most of my generation."


I'm gonna go slit my wrists now or something, like maybe Evil Longwhoria's neck. From digital spy:

Eva Longoria: "I just got fat"

Eva Longoria has claimed that rumours that she is pregnant only started because she recently got "fat".

The Desperate Housewives actress made the remarks following fresh reports that she is expecting her first child with husband Tony Parker.

Longoria was spotted turning down raw fish sushi and alcohol during a recent night out.

She said: "I'm not pregnant. I'm just fat. I gained 5lb over the summer so instead of a size zero, I'm a size one."

Longoria and Parker have both previously stated that they are looking forward to starting a family.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Awkward Anonymous?

Can you imagine, for a moment, being onstage, looking out over the crowd when you can actually see between the lights, and seeing a bunch of "V for vendetta" masks staring at you? creepy!


ST. PAUL, Minn. - When Katie Holmes’ Broadway show “All My Sons” opens Oct. 16, ticket holders won’t be the only ones in attendance. The anti-Scientology group Anonymous will be on hand for Holmes’ Broadway debut as well.

The group confirms that a protest will take place opening night. “We aren’t looking to shut it (“All My Sons”) down, we don’t have the power to do that, we just want to prove a point,” one spokesperson (who remains anonymous, natch) confirmed via phone.

Anonymous’ protests, when they take place in person (the group often launches Web-based protests) are easy to spot, thanks to the tell-tale masks Anonymous members wear. The group, which calls itself a “leaderless worldwide group of concerned citizens” recently picketed the Scientology Center on West 46th Street in New York.

Of the group’s plans to picket the “Sons” opening, the spokesperson said their main aim was to “save Katie.” “We want to draw attention to Scientology, and hopefully get Katie out of it before its too late.”

A Legend Dies...

He was a personal hero to me, he had the most distinct and recognizable voice ever. There shall never be another like him. RIP, Don. from foxnews:

LOS ANGELES — Don LaFontaine, the man who popularized the catch phrase "In a world where..." and lent his voice to thousands of movie trailers, has died. He was 68.

LaFontaine died Monday at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center from complications in the treatment of an ongoing illness, said Vanessa Gilbert, his agent.

LaFontaine made more than 5,000 trailers in his 33-year career while working for the top studios and television networks.

In a rare on-screen appearance in 2006, he parodied himself on a series of national television commercials for a car insurance company where he played himself telling a customer, "In a world where both of our cars were totally under water..."

In an interview last year, LaFontaine explained the strategy behind the phrase.

"We have to very rapidly establish the world we are transporting them to," he said of his viewers. "That's very easily done by saying, `In a world where ... violence rules.' `In a world where ... men are slaves and women are the conquerors.' You very rapidly set the scene."

LaFontaine insisted he never cared that no one knew his name or his face, though everyone knew his voice.

LaFontaine went on to work in the promo industry in the early 1960s. As an audio engineer, he produced radio spots for movies with producer Floyd Peterson.

When an announcer didn't show up for a recording session in 1965, LaFontaine voiced his first narration, a promo for the film, "Gunfighters of Casa Grande." The client, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, liked his performance.

LaFontaine remained active until recently, averaging seven to 10 voiceover sessions a day. He worked from a home studio his wife nicknamed "The Hole," where his fax machine delivered scripts.

LaFontaine is survived by his wife, the singer and actress Nita Whitaker, and three daughters.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Gustav Strikes!

Well, it finally hit where your friend Spin I might be losing power here shortly. Forgive if I don't post for a little bit! In the meantime, enjoy Spacehog's In the Meantime:

update 9/2: wow, it totally missed us! we had an initial nasty downpour but that was it. There's enough storms brewing that maybe we'll get hit head on!

Drama, drama, drama

Madonna's crew about to walk out on her tour.....Almost seems like it's one publicity stunt to another....all to generate interest and cash! from digital spy:
Madonna's tour crew 'close to a walkout'

Madonna's world tour crew are said to be on the verge of a walkout after being treated like "second-class citizens".

The 250 employees who are working on her concerts were furious after they were put on an easyJet flight to Nice for the second night of the tour. Things went from bad to worse when they discovered they would be staying at a £50-per-night hotel.

Meanwhile, Madonna travelled out to France on a private jet with her family and stayed at the luxury Chateau Saint Jeannet castle at a cost of £11,000.

"Everyone is absolutely furious with her and some of them want to walk out of the tour," an insider told The Mirror. "They feel they are being treated like second-class citizens, despite all their hard work over the last few months."

The source added: "Trouble has been brewing for a few months in the Madonna camp, especially since all the claims that her marriage was in crisis. Now to make matters worse, they are being forced to stay in horrible places and fly on cheap low-cost flights, while she has the lap of luxury."

Madonna's tour kicked off at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff on August 24. It will run until December.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

George Carlin on children

I held off posting on him since he died and his sentiment frankly needs a lot more vocalization. for all the dumbass celebrities popping kids, about to pop and the ones pimping out the kids' pictures for the ca$h.