Saturday, May 14, 2011

Spin Sycle Weekend Edition

Hey Syclers!  What's in the wash?

Rihanna is dating Reggie Bush?
Carrie Fisher at WonderCon 2009.Image via Wikipedia

Carrie Fisher has weight issues

The Terminator's ho's start crawling out from under rocks

Jesse James is still a douche, what's the big deal?

Lady Gaga dumped her boyfriend again.  More fodder for the music?

Needs Bleach 
Katie Holmes wants you to know that she's not pregnant.  She just slouches a lot

Steven Tyler is a typical rock star

Mike Myers is to become a father.  what?

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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Spin Sycle for Thursday May 12 2011

Hey Syclers!  Here's what's going on:

How exactly is Lindsay Lohan's father going to pay for her legal bills?  Pimpin ain't easy

AnistonJennifer Aniston to finally play an interesting role?

Prince Harry might be trying to convince his girlfriend to marry him....I'm not sure she wants to....but she should!  Nothing but perks and privilege!

Teen Mom Amber finally lost custody of her daughter because of all that crap that got vandalized on her car.  Gary now has the baby.

Ah-nold still loves Maria?  Enough to stop the cheating?

Needs Bleach
Wtf Texas?  The State wants to cut thousands of teachers' jobs to help balance the budget but then turns around to shell out state money, that's right STATE money, to fund Formula One racing.  WTF?  Education doesn't get you anywhere the way a racer will, I guess.

Sam Lufti just won't get out of Britney's life.  Now he's suing for wrongful termination.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Spin Sycle for Tuesday May 10

Hey Syclers!  What's going on?

Bristol Palin got her own reality TV show. Gross. Will you be watching?

Mel Gibson's new movie The Beaver bombed hard at the box office.  I don't plan to see it either.

Lindsay Lohan expected to spend about 14 days in jail for necklace theft   

Whitney Houston is in rehab

Kelly Brook suffered a miscarriage.  I cannot imagine her pain.  Horrible.

Chelsea Handler can be a real bitch

Needs Bleach
Princess Catherine's sister Pippa has been offered $5 million to do porn.  Really.

WTF is Jessica Simpson wearing?  Does she dress herself in the dark after squirting her face with mace?

Enjoy Rihanna's latest release "California King Bed" least she doesn't sound like she's singing through her nose so much