Friday, July 20, 2012

Spin Sycle weekend

I am so sick of the collective orgasm that the media is having about the BatMan shootings.  All Fucking Day. Unneccesary.  They are just having a sensationalistic orgy over it all.  Media whores everywhere. Stop.  "If it bleeds, it leads"

The discussion that needs to be happening here is greater funding for mental illness.  There needs to be much better treatment and more funds available.  This is the rational discussion that needs to happen.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Spin Scyle for Friday, July 20 2012

What would you do if you were being bullied at work, Syclers?  tell me in the comments below

Here's an anthem to my youth:

Seems Tom Cruise may already have wife #4 picked out, she's perfect: A $citard princess, unknown actress and 26 years old.  VIVA la 5 year contract!!

Somehow I didn't realize that Seth Rogen was married.  Go figure.

Boycott Chik-Fil-A (I don't eat there anyway)

What teenage girl isn't embarrassed by her mother?  it's ok Lourdes, you're no different than anyone else, even your mother.

I love Suri's Burn book

Jessica Simpson is losing one pound per week

Blind item!
[Blind Gossip] This woman is one of the top-earning celebrities in the world, and has all the fame and fans anyone could ever want. She is also on track for a breakdown. Away from the cameras and the cheering crowds, she has been ingesting tons of drugs and booze. Other celebs (even her competitors) have quietly tried to intervene, but she is ignoring their pleas. If she keeps going this way – and continues to refuse to go to rehab – insiders fear she will meet the same fate as Amy Winehouse.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Spin Sycle for Thursday July 19 2012

Ready for Sycle time?

Let's start with a blind item:
BlindGossip] We are pleased to announce another defection from this ridiculous group. She is not talking about it yet, but we can tell you that she is an actress, and that she was a member of the group for many years.
Her new full-time gig doesn’t require any press time this summer, so she is keeping a very low profile for the time being. She started getting paranoid that her phone conversations were being tapped and that her child/ren were being followed, so she quietly consulted with another former member of the group (who is also an entertainer and Mom concerned about the safety of her kid/s). After their talk, the actress got new phones and hired new bodyguards to protect herself and her child/ren.
We don’t know if she has talked to her best friend – who is still a member of the group – about her decision.
Best Friend:

Paris Jackson calls Randy Jackson out publicly

Here's Beyonce with Blue Ivy.  Please tell me that poor girl doesn't favor her father

Madonna will not be going down under

Is Katie Holmes seeing Chris Klein again?

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Spin Sycle for Wednesday, July 18 2012

What's up, Syclers?  Having fun?

I think we all already knew that Katy Perry was a walking load of ass pain

Tom gets to see Suri for a bit

EWW Michael Lohan has reproduced again

[Celebzter] So many actors in Hollywood find themselves to be on the receiving end of malicious gay rumors, and for some subjects of the gossip, they are true. For others, they are not.

There has a long been speculation about the sexuality of this actor, and it’s a rumor that has dogged him throughout his career. So, can you imagine our surprise then, to discover that the said actor actually falls into the minority of those wrongly accused of being in the closet?
But while we can 100 per cent confirm that he likes women, there is a one teeny problem: As much as he likes to wave his magic sword around, it, err, falls into the micro category.
As one person with knowledge revealed: “He falls embarrassingly short in that department.”
And an ex-girlfriend backed this up , previously telling a friend, “Oh, it’s so tiny!” when asked about her lover’s manhood
*Spin's guess - Ed Norton*