Saturday, October 18, 2008

Halloween Time

If you are looking forward to Halloween like I am but have no idea what costume to wear, try Halloween Costumes. The site is well organized to help you find a costume for that big party you're going to. You know this year is going to be huge for Halloween since it falls on a Friday, so you need to impress!

I am torn between finding a costume in the traditional sense of it being something in direct contradiction to my personality, which might be this:

But then I want to wear something really hip and cool, I'm not really sure what, maybe like this:

But I'm torn! However, at Halloween Costumes, it is so well organized that you could just about pick a mood and find something that would make you happy. The prices are reasonable and competitive as well.

If I picked something that complimented my personality, it might be one of these two:

Mainly because, well, I do have Viking ancestry so that would be cool, I'd need to complete the look with a blond braided wig and viking horns.....and everyday just about feels like a battle, so a Gladiatrix would be appropriate, especially if I put a briefcase with her.

What I would probably go with , though, is this one, because I am addicted to that Kirsten Dunst movie, "Marie Antoinette."

But they have a great selection, many choices and even the accessories that will help you to win that Halloween costume contest. Check them out! Halloween Costumes

Madonna Madness

and maybe why her marriage fell apart...short version: she's terribly self-centered. Can't believe they went on for as long as they did. Compiled from Gossip Rocks:

The moment Maddona fell off that horse, her marriage was doomed

MADONNA’S marriage began sliding towards divorce after her hubby’s “unsympathetic” reaction when she tumbled from a horse, friends say.

The agonised Queen of Pop felt GUY RITCHIE showed a “complete lack of love and sympathy” after she snapped eight bones in the horror fall.

Sources say the aftershocks from the 2005 accident sparked the rows that ended their 7½year marriage and saw the pair confirm The Sun’s exclusive that they will divorce.

‘ This song is for the emotionally retarded. You might know a few people who fall into that category - God knows I do ’

Madonna, now 50, spent several days in hospital after crashing from the polo horse on her Wiltshire estate on her 47th birthday.

She broke four ribs, her collar bone, scapula and her left knuckle in the accident, which she later described as “the most painful experience of my life”.

In an interview with The Sun shortly after the fall, film director Guy said he remained calm following the incident because he knew his wife was “too tough” to die.

But we can reveal that the truth behind the episode was that Madonna felt 40-year-old Guy “abandoned her emotionally”.

*So basically, Madonna just wants a guy who kisses her ass 24/7. Can't believe I used to worship her.*

The family friend said: “Madonna was in a huge amount of pain and expected Guy to drop everything to be at her bedside.

“Instead of smothering her with sympathy he said, ‘Come on darling, you’re a tough bird. You’ll be back on the horse in no time’.

“Guy’s approach was that a few broken bones is no big deal – and that there was no point in making a drama out of a crisis.

*yes, she could have died, but she didn't. She didn't snap her neck. Stop being a whiny baby.*

The gossips at Cannes were agog this spring at the news that Madonna had installed twin treadmills in her hotel suite, apparently so she and Guy Ritchie could work out side by side.

Things in the world's most talked-about marriage, it was reasoned, must not be so bad if they were at least continuing to share a passion for gym.

But that second treadmill was in fact for personal trainer Tracy Anderson who, for the past year, has been living in Madonna's London home and playing far more of a role in her life than her soon-to-be-ex-husband.
Steak-and-kidney pie made her leave the room in disgust: Madonna was a domestic tyrant

Guy and Madonna slept in separate rooms on that break, as had become usual, and were by then communicating only via their personal assistants. The treadmills are a neat metaphor for the way Ritchie has been excluded from Madonna's life.

Her irrational food fads and increasingly bizarre attempts to hold back time - via surgery, exercise and every therapy going - certainly helped to doom their marriage.

How could anyone expect Ritchie, a macho man who is fond of the pub and likes to shoot pheasant, to dine contentedly every night on quinoa grains and organic vegetable dumplings?

Guy apparently used to complain that she was giving her children an unhealthy
attitude towards food: she banned sugar entirely, which made biscuits, ice creams and cakes objects of almost otherworldly fascination for her daughter Lourdes and their son Rocco. She also banned cheese, cream, salt and preservatives.

One in Guy's camp suggested to me that Her Madgeness had to be talked into permitting Rocco to have a birthday cake last year.

Even when the pair went out for 'romantic' meals - and in the final two years of the relationship this was one of the few activities they shared - Madonna would generally refuse to eat anything.

One associate said she doesn't 'trust' the kitchens, even in Claridge's and Nobu, to prepare food to her exacting standards.

'If you were to use the word controlling, you would not even be coming close to describing the way she is about food.'

So she would sit with a glass of water as Guy wolfed down his meal. The topic of discussion, chosen by Madonna, was generally the kabbalah, or an earnest exposition about President Bush. It wasn't fun.

No wonder Guy bought himself a pub in February. And, sources insist, the food was not even the worst of Guy's daily miseries as Mr Madonna.

Her exercise routine, never less than two hours a day, six days a week, rules her life.

She went to the gym the day her adopted son David Banda arrived from Malawi, and spent nearly four hours honing her body. She worked out on her birthday this summer, and on Christmas Day and New Year's Day. Guy's entreaties to her to do less, and spend some time with him and the children, were ignored.

'I'm not going to slow down, get off this ride, stay home and get fat,' she told a magazine.

*and* Photobucket *sorry this is so long*

Madonna is building an extraordinary divorce case against Guy Ritchie, claiming he was a cruel and verbally-abusive husband who would belittle and ridicule her in front of others. *Liar, there's no way she'd put up with that shit*

Lawyers for the singer, who was widely believed to be the dominant partner in the marriage, are putting together a dossier of incidents.

They include allegations that he told her she 'looked like a granny' on stage compared with her younger backing dancers. He is also alleged to have declared that she could not act, and was 'past it' after she turned 50.

Her lawyers say that 40-year-old Ritchie's comments made Madonna feel worthless, unattractive, unfeminine, insecure and isolated during their eight-year marriage. *Sorry, she did it to herself with her obsessive workouts and crazy dieting*

'Outwardly she's the material girl and bursting with confidence, but turning 50 really hit her hard. Madonna says Guy never said the right things to get her over that hurdle. She says he basically let her know that he thought she was over the hill. She said he had a subtle indifference towards her. *bullshit*

Ritchie is currently fighting to get residence of their eight-year-old son Rocco with him in London.



Jakey's parents are divorcing! Why?? After 30 years, what is the point? From People mag.

Naomi Foner – the mother of Maggie and Jake Gyllenhaal – has filed for divorce from their father, Stephen Gyllenhaal, Los Angeles court papers show.

Married for 30 years, Foner – a Golden-Globe winning screenwriter with credits including Running on Empty and Losing Isaiah – cites irreconcilable differences. She says the couple has been separated since Jan. 1.

Foner isn't seeking spousal support, and she also asks the court to deny Gyllenhaal – a film director – any support.

The papers were filed Wednesday.

*And this is brought to you by this freakout*


Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Is there something in the air? From Janet Charlton's:

Jermaine Dupri is in the doghouse. Not only did he reportedly puke on Janet Jackson's lap at his birthday party, his contributions to her career have been disappointing. He gave Mariah Carey lots of hits but hasn't done the same for his girlfriend Janet.

He created the concept for her tour and also arranged parties for Janet after every show. She's been exhausted by the rigorous show and the partying is too much for her. She's just not as young and energetic as she used to be. Janet cancelled tour dates and took a rest in Atlanta at a health spa recovery place. Janet's management disagrees with Jermaine (they blame him for many of her failures) and they stopped him from visiting her. Jermaine was told "You're not her boyfriend any more." Jermaine took off for New York and he and Janet are speaking on the phone. Where their relationship stands, no one knows for sure.

Time for something different...

Time for a grown up Muppet Movie!! from ONTD:

LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - The Jim Henson Co. has picked up a spec script that may signal a daring turn into adult territory for the company behind Kermit the Frog and Fozzie Bear.

"The Happytime Murders" is a film noir murder mystery that will fall under the company's Henson Alternative banner, a division that develops projects not intended for children.

Brian Henson, co-CEO of the Jim Henson Co. and one of the late puppeteer's sons, is on board to direct.

The story takes place in a world where humans and puppets co-exist, with the puppets viewed as second-class citizens. When the puppet cast of an '80s children's TV show called "The Happytime Gang" begins to get murdered one by one, a disgraced puppet LAPD detective turned private eye -- with a drinking problem, no less -- takes on the case. The script was written by Todd Berger from a story he worked on with Dee Austin Robertson.

This would not be the first time that Henson is delving into more adult fare. In 1982, the company made "The Dark Crystal," which featured a dark tone and, in one scene, nudity. But "Happytime" will also have an absurdist and comedic quality to it, comparable to Broadway's "Avenue Q."

R U surprised?

I'm not....I'd be in shock if they had survived his serial cheating plus rehab. Tis the season for breakups, huh? From Peoplemag:

David Duchovny, who recently left rehab for sex addition, and wife Téa Leoni released a statement Wednesday saying they have been separated for some time.

"In light of continuous speculation over the lives and marriage of Tea Leoni and David Duchovny, the couple has confirmed that they have in fact been separated for several months," the statement says. "The couple had hoped to keep this separation private for the sake of their children."

Duchovny, 48, has been married to actress Leoni since 1997. They have two children, daughter Madelaine West, 9, and son Kyd, 6.

The actor voluntarily entered rehab last summer "for the treatment of sex addition," he said in a statement issued in August.

Earlier this month, Duchnovny had "successfully completed the rehab program," his lawyer said. Duchovny was then spotted with Leoni at the Czech Street Festival in Manhattan.

*Ladies, the line forms to the left*

We Knew This!

Knew it was coming, why did they even fight to hide it? We're not stupid! From omg!

LONDON - Madonna and filmmaker Guy Ritchie will end their marriage after nearly eight years, the couple said in a joint statement Wednesday.

The couple asked the media to "maintain respect for their family at this difficult time," said the statement, e-mailed to The Associated Press by Liz Rosenberg, Madonna's publicist.

A financial settlement has not been agreed by the wealthy couple, who must also decide child custody issues.

In London, Ritchie's mother, Lady Amber Leighton, told reporters that the family wouldn't be making any statement.

Lawyers said the couple would likely try to come to an agreement before heading to court.

"The judgment of the court would be to try and assess what they came in with and divide what they built up fairly equally," said David Allison, a lawyer with Family Law in Partnership, a London firm.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


There is no gossip to speak of, to talk about to snark over! None! Thanks you celebrity assholes, thanks for being boring. Since there is no real gossip to speak of, here's Foo Foo Kitty, showing off her cuteness:

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Interweb is being a bitch

modem crapped out at home, hope to have it fixed soon! sorry for the techincal delay....sha;; post when i can

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Travis Barker is NOT in love

And yeah, I think we all knew Shanna was an attention whore just trying to look like she cared....from TMZ:

Travis Barker just updated his fans on his recovery from the horrific airplane crash last month -- and he added in a nice slap to the face to Shanna Moakler.

His MySpace reads, "Despite any rumors you might have heard via my EX-wife Shanna Moakler, who I have not seen since the week I checked in, I've been treated amazingly well, both here in LA and an Georgia. The hospitals I've been treated at are THE BEST."

Travis goes on the say he's now able to move all the fingers on his right hand, and he'll undergo his 7th surgery on Monday.

Transformation complete

Beck is now a Blohan double.