Friday, March 27, 2009

In WTF? News....

You know the Sham-Wow guy?  Every time I see him on TV, I want to punch him in the face.  Not the tv, I want to hunt him down and punch him personally.  It seems he got arrested.  For beating up a hooker.  Who tried to bite his tongue off.  you can't make that shit up.

According to the Smoking Gun, the police report goes like this:

  • Shlomi meets Sasha Harris in a Miami club. They go back to his hotel.
  • She propositions him for "straight sex." He pays her a thousand bucks in cash.
  • He kisses her.
  • She "bit his tongue and would not let go."
  • He punches her in her face repeatedly until she lets go.
  • He runs down to the hotel lobby.
  • They both get arrested.
Makes me think of this Van Halen song:

Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Tribute...

RuPaul's Drag Race has ended with BeBe Zahara Benet being crowned as the new Drag Superstar.  I loved this show so much and had so much fun watching, I just want to highlight a few of the contestants doin' what they do.  I'll start with BeBe:

Followed by Nina Flowers, who was so fab and I love her!

Shanel, the Vegas showgirl who was so snotty but it was so GRAND!  
She truly desrved to be the Superstar but since she left, I shall dub her as the First Lady of Drag.

Who can forget Ongina, who should have won this competition....
here she performs Britney Spears' Circus and out-Brits Brit!

Enjoy the performances!

Remember Alfie, the 13 year old father?

Guess what, the baby isn't his! Poor guy. And it seems his youth and innocence were taken advantage of by being lied to.

From jezebel:

This case just keeps getting sadder and sadder: DNA tests have revealed that Alfie Patten, famous 13-year-old father, is not actually the baby's father.

The Mirror reports that Alfie is not the father of seven-week-old girl Maisie Roxanne. Chantelle Stedman, the girl's mother, became pregnant at the ridiculously young age of 14. Chantelle has apparently said it was her mother's idea to lie and tell the press (and Alfie) that she was a virgin when she slept with Alfie. Before taking the paternity test, Alfie defended Chantelle, saying: "I don't really care what people say. And I don't like them being bad about Chantelle." S

o far there is no news on Alfie's reaction to the DNA tests. We can only hope that this news does not stop Maisie from getting the love and care she needs or lead to further slut-shaming of the 15-year-old mother. [Mirror]

*Frankly, I think slut shaming, especially publicly, is totally in order. The dumb girl brought it out to public, so guess what...*

Wednesday, March 25, 2009



from ONTD:

Fans waiting to see Lindsay Lohan’s latest movie won’t have to leave their living rooms.

Lindsay’s new film, “Labor Pains,” will not be released in theaters, Access Hollywood has learned.

Instead, the comedy will premiere on ABC Family, a source for the film’s production company, Nu Image/Millennium Films, confirmed to Access.

The movie will debut on the cable channel in July 2009, with a DVD release coming in August.

In the film, which wrapped production in August 2008, Lindsay plays a woman who fakes being pregnant to save herself from being fired and is then forced to keep the lie going for nine months.

However, the source did say the movie would hit theaters internationally. No release date was available.

Monday, March 23, 2009


for all of us Twitter users, prolific or not, or even if you don't use it. Enjoy.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Bruce Willis marries again!

Good for him! I have no snark, I just hope for his and his new wife's happiness. From radaronline:

With ex-wife Demi Moore and her husband Ashton Kutcher present, Bruce Willis married Emma Heming on Saturday. In fact, it was so much fun Bruce is going to do it again, has learned exclusively.

Bruce and Emma had a wedding ceremony on Parrot Cay on the Turks and Caicos Islands where Willis has a home. When they return to the U.S. they will take out a wedding license and have a civil ceremony, is reporting exclusively.

Proving he has one of the most civilized divorces in Hollywood, the Die Hard star had his first wedding ceremony Saturday with Demi and Ashton in attendance.

Bruce is 54, his new wife 32.

and from E! online:

Bruce Willis walked down the aisle with his girlfriend, Emma Heming, on Saturday at his home in the Turks and Caicos islands, E! News has confirmed.