Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Spin Sycle for Thursday, June 14 2012

Hey Syclers!! Miss me?

Miley is supposed to be engaged, right?

Look, Madonna, everyone in the world has already seen your nipples and your labia, so you can stop it now.  Also, I'm tired of your Catholic religion schtick

Coutrney Cox don't need no stinkin lawyer

Hugh Laurie in the new Robocop.....good idea?

Are they saying that Duchess Kate is pregnant?

Khloe K has begun fertility treatments.....insert your joke here

Blind items!
[BuzzFoto] This beautiful R&B singer peaked in the early 2000′s but now her spotlight is dimming… Dimming so much that she is said to be working with a well-respected and discrete Hollywood Madame. For a few appointments a year, she’s paying the mortgage for herself and several family members. There are apparently a lot of rich business men that will pay big bucks to spend the night with a former famous performer. 

[NationalEnquirer] What straight, divorced father and former TV sitcom star – he’s since crashed and burned and is now trying for a comeback – had a memorable s*x party with multiple male esc*rts? The actor is known for his wild partying and ho*ker escapades, but he seems to have gotten bored with the ladies and is now into guys.