Saturday, July 18, 2009

Steve McNair Baby Mama Drama

from mediatakeout:

July 18, 2009. just received some sad news. According to the Associated Press, NFL star Steve McNair died without a will. And according to them, Steve’s wife Nechelle has gone to court to have herself and her sons declared the SOLE heirs to Steve’s fortune.

Why is this a problem, you ask? Well because Steve has TWO OTHER SONS from another woman – both of whom are older than Nechelle’s

*Wills are better than probate ppl!!! Believe me, I've seen the ugliness of probate court, so HAVE A DAMM WILL!!!*


from digital spy....and you knew it was coming.

Locals in St Lucia were disappointed when Amy Winehouse decided to leave the island this week, a report claims.

The troubled singer arrived back in the UK on Monday following rumours that she had outstayed her welcome in the Caribbean due to her drunken behavior.

However, a source told the Evening Standard: "The manager of the hotel she was staying at was sad to see her go, and has said he would love to have her come back to stay again. Many of the staff are also sad she has left.

"Amy certainly can be a wild child but she's nothing compared to some Brits who holiday in St Lucia. Amy always made a point to talk to people who worked at the hotel, and even looked after their kids when they were working."

Winehouse was granted a divorce from her husband Blake Fielder-Civil yesterday.

Her representative later said that the star would concentrate on completing her third album in the months ahead.

*anew Amy Wino album? It's about damm time! Now if she can stay away from nasty Pete, it'll all be ok*

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Your Daily Contrast

Here's a coupla videos to amuse you with, both are sorta on the opposite ends of the pop spectrum. Crank it up and Enjoy!

Toxic - Britney Spears

Paparazzi - Lady Gaga

Monday, July 13, 2009

To Top It Off....

Jessica Simpson is on the loose again. I'll bet Papa Joe won't be able to buy Tony back this time. Funny he did it right before her birthday, probably so he wouldn't have to buy her a gift. From omg!

Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo have called it quits, has confirmed.

A source close to Simpson confirms they broke up the night before her 29th birthday July 10. She was supposed to celebrate with a Ken and Barbie-themed party. (On Simpson's birthday, Romo spent the night at Los Angeles hot spot My House.)

"She canceled her party because of this," the source tells Us. "She's doing OK."

"Barbie party didn't happen, but I turned 29 and feel like I am on top of the world yelling I LOVE GETTING OLDER!" she wrote on her Twitter page Saturday.

Later, she wrote: "Everyone needs to know that hope floats...grab the strings and pull it back to you... Falling asleep with my mom and the dogs. Please, Lord, give all of my beautiful fans, friends, enemies, and family rest. Bring all of us peace."

A close friend of Romo's tells Us of the split: "It's been a long time coming."

*you know, hope may float but shit floats too, Jess. Just sayin.*


this one's for you, Jessica

2009: The Summer of Death

And add another score to the celebrity deathfest that's been happening. This guy was a pretty good boxer. It's sad that his wifer felt like she had to kill him. Couldn't she have just smacked him in the head with a pan or a book?

SAO PAULO - Police investigating the death of former boxing champion Arturo Gatti are working on the assumption his wife strangled him with her purse strap while he drunkenly slept. The woman’s lawyer, however, insists she is innocent and was too “fragile” to kill a boxer.

Lead investigator Moises Teixeira told The Associated Press on Monday nothing is being ruled out but he is certain the woman acted by herself.

“It was technically impossible for a third person to have been in the flat,” where Gatti was found dead early Saturday, Teixeira said. “The investigation isn’t finished, but we continue to think she did this alone.”

courtesy of AP

The beach was AWESOME!

I had a great birthday at the beach with my dealer and a couple of our friends. There is nothing to reconnect you with your youth like getting rolled about by some waves and tossing a nice pink football around!