Saturday, November 27, 2010

Blast from the Past!

Hope you're doing well Syclers!  Enjoy some lulz:

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving Syclers!

I have you to be thankful for, this website is all for you!  Let's get to what's happening, starting with a couple of blind items:

"These celebrity BFF's have a problem but only one of them knows it. Only one thinks they're good friends, but the other is trying to extricate herself from the relationship but is really too nice to do it to her face. It's bound to get out soon because we're hearing about it." [BuzzFoto]

*Spin's guess - Rihanna is trying to get away from Katy Perry*

"Oh baby, baby, baby! Well, to be more precise, no baby and two baby boys. This multi-hyphenate is not pregnant, which isn't surprising given that she hasn't had sex with a man in months (including her husband). This reality star isn't wigging out over her first boy. She is actually thrilled. She'll never have to worry about money again! And finally, it's a healthy baby boy who will magically be birthed within the next 48 hours, just in time for the gullible to marvel at the poetic irony of a Thanksgiving arrival." [Blind Gossip]

*Spin's guesses since this is a three parter - a) general concensus is Xtina but what if it's Katie Holmes?  b) Kim Z.  C) Benjamin Travolta

University of Phoenix is a rip off, if you didn't already know that

John Travolta and Kelly Preston welcomed their new son

The Mighty Virus Miley Cyrus turned 18 and no1 curr

Angelina Jolie misses the entire point of Thanksgiving.  She should try watching the History channel.

Teen Mom Amber lost custody of her daughter