Saturday, December 21, 2013

Duck Dynasty Fiasco

Look, to be honest, I don't watch reality shows.  I find them dull. However, I have two takes on this GQ interview.  They go like this:

A) By getting the guy off  the show, all that A&E did was give what'shisface validation that his views, however assinine, are validated.  Everyone who thinks like him will also feel that they are validated in their views.  Now they can say that they are right and A&E is punishing them for it.

What has happened is that the producers are scared of losing revenue and that's all it boils down to. A&E makes a lot of revenue from this show.  What's funny is the the DD folks could walk away from this show without much scarring because they have their own money. A&E is in a position to lose.

B)The show's ratings are beginning to slip and this is a way to boost viewership.

No one is going to change how this guy or people like him think. I see this as purely a money issue.

Flame away.

update: Since Ol' Phil is going to be back on the show, I'd have to say it's one helluva marketing plan to get DD merchandise to move.  We've all been punked.