Friday, August 5, 2011

Spin Sycle Weekend Editon

How you doing, Syclers?

YAWN  Jessica Simpson might be pregnant.

Lamar Odom:  Go see your grandmother

Desperate Housewives to end....finally

Britney Spears is not going to age well.

Dear Kelly Osbourne:  it's time to STFU and sit down.

Did Queen Latifah finally come out?

Michael C. Hall loves his furbabies

ZOMG Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez split up?  Well, it was gonna happen

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Spin Sycle for Thursday August 4 2011

Things have been a little crazy the past couple of days, Syclers!  Hope you're having fun!

[CDAN] This married nightly talk show host is perceived to be a goody goody. Truth is that within the past few weeks he had a female guest on his show simply because he was trying to have sex with her. It worked.  *Conan?*

and because nothing is really happening today, here's a pic of Hugh Hefner planking:

Monday, August 1, 2011

Blind Item Monday!

from Panache Report:

This (smooth) musical icon has a disturbing secret!  He once had a long-term affair with an underage girl.  She was only 15 when they started their illicit union.  Sadly, her family looked the other way as he lavished them with cash and expensive gifts.
He moved the girl into a love nest.  He became so brazen, the girl accompanied him to music industry events, again, people looked the other way because he's considered a legend.
Over the years, this girl had several abortions by him.  The affair ended when she turned 29.  He cut off hercredit cards and money supply.
She became angry and threatened to write a tell all, accusing him (among other things) of stealing her childhood.  She also planned to refer to him as a pedophile throughout the book.
When word got back to the icon, the girl began receiving death threats.

[BuzzFoto] This A List actress is tired of the pressure put on her from the public, as well as friends and family to have children. She’s actually been trying to conceive for years, dabbled with expensive fertility treatments and even considered adoption. She’s wanted to be a mother for a long time but resents the discourse among the press about the status of her womb, who are unaware of her secret struggle.  *I'm guessing Aniston on this one and I completely sympathize.  Maybe we could be cycle buddies, Jen?*