Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Good bye 2008

you were a crappy crappy year. Don't let the door hit you on the ass on your way out. Hello 2009! Please to be better! Be sure to check out the planet alignment just after sunset on the last day of this crap year. Hopefully it's a sign that all things will be better this next round!

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Monday, December 29, 2008

Tom & Katie to compete with the Duggars?

Gross. He does realize that you have to have sex right? Or at least get a new turkey baster cuz I'm sure the old one broke or dissolved from its unholy purpose. Or maybe Will Smith wanted to borrow it for a little personal fulfillment. From digital spy:

Tom Cruise has revealed that he wants to have ten children.

The actor has adopted children Isabella, 16, and Conor, 13, with ex-wife Nicole Kidman and daughter Suri with Katie Holmes, but said he wants to further extend his family.

"I want ten children. I love kids. I feel really fortunate to have the teenagers and a two-and-a-half-year-old. It's a great dynamic," he told The Sun.

Speaking about his youngest daughter, Cruise added: "She's so charming, she's so beautiful, she's just great."

*It's all so AMAZAZING*


Sunday, December 28, 2008

Blind Items: End of the Year edition

I think a lot of these we already knew. Anyway, from a compilation on ONTD:

Jonathan Jaxon's blog: Which top male music mogul once slept with his former male assistant?

Answer: P-Diddy

Ted Casablanca: Mooney Tuna can't put on a condom right.

Answer: Mooney Tuna = Seth MacFarlane

Lainey: Actress extremely thin before pregnancy, couldn't lose last 10 pounds even with help of celebrity IV diet; got lap band installed in stomach. Husband wants to conceive again, but she is too scared to remove device because she wants to stay thin. Her body over baby choice is now threatening her marriage.

Answer: Debra Messing

Lainey: Everyone does it, but it's not the doing that's intriguing, it's the who's doing that's intriguing. Especially since her reputation is supposed to be so civilised and enlightened: a doting mother, a successful business, an artist (debatable), and an icon to many a MiniVan member. Ironic as it may seem considering the original spirit of the inspiration. The situation is actually even more shocking considering her past. Having had that kind of experience with addiction though, perhaps there are only 2 roads: to shun drugs fiercely or, as it is in this case, to embrace them dangerously in her time of need.

Friends and family are becoming concerned. They're saying "she's not doing well", observing that her use has dramatically escalated, that she is becoming increasingly anti-social and withdrawn, removed out of embarrassment from her usual circle, and when forced out in public, looking awkward and seemingly unable to cope in social settings where she was once comfortable. The reason? It's not those laughable rumours of infidelity. It's actually because he ignores her. Never the child, but always her. Not deliberately but because she has no part in his life. It used to be he'd show up for the professional events, at the very least. Now she has to beg.

Answer: Sarah Jessica Parker

Lainey: Mother bans bottles or any type of baby accessories/furniture in home because nannies completely take care of the child.

Answer: Nicole Kidman

Lainey: These celebs hire workers for their house but don't pay the bills.

Answer: The Osbournes

Crazy Days and Nights: When Halo3 was released the other night, this world famous athlete was waiting in line just like everyone else. At midnight he bought copies of the game for himself, for his kids and for the twenty other people who had been standing in line with him.

Answer: David Beckham

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Happy Holidaze!

Season's greetings, Merry Christmas and here's to 2009 being a better year!

xmas or christmas glitter Pictures, Images and Photos

I had a great Xmas eve, we had our annual party and I loved having friends over to have a fun time. And here's to my fab readers, who are the best! I hope you've had a great holiday and that next year is full of great gossip!!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Goodness save us....

from popcrunch:

Jessica Simpson is “actively trying” to have a baby.

The singer-and-actress is reportedly desperate to start a family with her quarterback-starring boyfriend Tony Romo after younger sister Ashlee gave birth to her first child, son Bronx Mowgli, in November.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if Jessica makes an announcement that she’s pregnant very, very soon,” a source said.


*I'm telling ya, it's the only way she can stay relevant in the public eye now and even then nobody long til she's singing in Vegas...oh wait, she already did the state fair long til she's shillin condos?*

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Blind Item!

This could also go under 'Well, DUH'

(also from gawker & gatecrasher)

Which talking-head gossip is sleeping with the married boss of her cable net to win more airtime? Her beau apparently found out, moved out and now they're both blabbing the tale all over the place. She is also said to be sleeping with a television actor from a popular-ish spin-off series. Hint: It's not Liz Smith.

*Chelsea Handler and this is's how she got her first show on comedy central*

Well, DUH

posting on the fly, trying to not get busted at work! And I guess a work visa wasn't good enough. from

New Williamsburg It girl, the Nylon-'working' 19-year-old Brit tabloid smash (and washed-up rockstar daughter!) that is Peaches Geldof, has so pulled the second-oldest trick in the book:

Marrying a dude to get a green card! (The first-oldest trick is getting pregnant so he'll marry you.) Sure, it was cute when the teen impulsively wedded Max Drummey in Vegas last August, but one might think—what other problems do people with impulse-control issues have? Besides coke?

Anyway, an ill-thought-out apartment photoshoot (see: Impulse control, problems with) featuring her narrow-looking pad and her two roommates—her Harvard-educated rocker husband not one of them—was quickly pulled. Probably because her management was all, "WTF were you thinking? Call us first next time!"

And now the Brit tabloids are reporting she'll spend the holidays in Britain with her washed-up rocker dad instead of her new family unit. "It's only for four days," she told The Sun. Funny how quickly four days apart can become years.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

In case you didn't know....

and you are an IE user....from

We know that a bulk of computer users out there use Microsoft's Internet Explorer. So it's a real drag that there may be a serious security glitch in the browser.

The public is being urged to use other browsers while this flaw is being investigated and Microsoft preps an emergency patch to unravel this mess.

Everyone is at risk. This problem is quite serious as it could allow criminals to tap into your computer and steal your password -- and you know what that could lead to.

Although Microsoft has detected outbreaks against IE 7.0, others were present in all versions of the browser.

"In this case, hackers found the hole before Microsoft did," said Rick Ferguson, senior security advisor at Trend Micro. "This is never a good thing."

So far what this flaw has managed to steal are game passwords, but it's obvious what the criminals' intentions are.

While experts are encouraging and recommending users to find alternate browsers to abate security risks, Microsoft on the other hand, urge users to stay put.

"I cannot recommend people switch due to this one flaw," said John Curran, head of Microsoft UK's Windows group.

PC Pro magazine's security editor, Darien Graham-Smith, disagrees, "It's a shame Microsoft have not been able to fix this more quickly, but letting people know about this flaw was the right thing to do. If you keep flaws like this quiet, people are put at risk without knowing it."

*At your job they've probably already sent you a patch but for private users, go to to download it.*

Sloppy Seconds....

And this just makes me vom. Swapping germs is just gross. From digital spy:

Britney Spears is said to be dating Paris Hilton's former boyfriend Benji Madden.

Good Charlotte guitarist Madden, who split from Hilton last month, was introduced to Spears by her manager Larry Rudolph.

"Larry made some phone calls and Benji ended up being the most interested in being fixed up," a source told In Touch Weekly.

"They've been on a few dates. She appears to like Benji a lot, and he seems to really like her."

Rudolph reportedly decided to set Spears up with Madden after drawing up a shortlist of potential boyfriends which included Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps and Gossip Girl actor Chace Crawford.


Madonna's Boytoy

See, Madge thinks she can stay youthful by bathing in virgin's blood and sucking the life out of those younger than her. Her latest victim:

According to Page Six, Madonna met the model Jesus Luz on a photo shoot for W Magazine in Rio de Janeiro, then asked him to join her on tour in Sao Paolo. A source revealed to Page Six: "Everyone knows they're ficando - which is a Portuguese expression that means they are kissing and doing other things but without any obligation of being faithful or getting into a relationship afterwards."

Saturday, December 20, 2008


This year sucked, especially on a personal level. For me, I had a job, had health insurance, had major surgery, lost the job, lost health insurance. This year took a lot of people. Everyone is broke because the economy broke. I'm not making any 'best of' lists or remembrance frankly because I'd just as soon forget this crappy year. However, I do want to offer this Stevie Wonder video of "I wish" because this song kicks ass. I hope you enjoy and that next year is far better than this one. Peace!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I Think I'm Horrified...

But I'm not sure....from ONTD:

It’s no secret that Keanu Reeves loves anime – a main influence on the “Matrix” series. It’s also common knowledge that the actor holds a place in his heart for sci-fi, as evidenced by films like “A Scanner Darkly,” “Johnny Mnemonic” and the currently-tops-in-theaters “The Day the Earth Stood Still.” It’s no surprise, then, that Reeves’ latest passion project revolves around his desire to make a live-action “Cowboy Bebop.”

“Oh yeah, cool,” he said when I asked him about the flick recently. “We’re trying to do that.”

As fans of the Japanese classic TV series know, “Bebop” follows a crew of bounty hunters traveling around the universe in the year 2071. Reeves hopes to play Spike Spiegel, one of these futuristic cowboys forced to pick up the slack after a population crash and hyperspace gateways have left law-enforcement unable to capture many of the galaxy’s most ruthless criminals.

“It’s got a Western quality, a Western film noir aspect to it,” Reeves said of why he’s such a big fan of Shinichiro Watanabe and Keiko Nobumoto’s groundbreaking series. “It’s got so much style to it, and that’s part of its appeal. That kind of Old West, bordertown, low-tech science fiction aspect.”

Take a look at this clip and you’ll get an idea of why Reeves is not only a perfect-looking fit for Spiegel, but also why he thinks the most important person on the set will be the one trying to translate the series’ unique look. “I think that would be a production designer’s dream,” Reeves said of the flick. “I think you just need a good production designer.”

The flick is currently being put together by Erwin Stoff, a producer who has spent the last two decades working almost exclusively on Reeves projects, and recently set the film up at 20th Century Fox. “We’ve got the rights, we’ve got a writer,” Keanu explained. “He’s putting together a scene outline.”

Reeves revealed that this outline for the flick is currently focusing on the origins of the fictional “Bebop” drug developed by the military, which provides its users with a brief surge of superhuman reflexes and awareness. “We’re taking the Red Eye [story], the beginning part of the series,” he explained, “and then we’ll deal with the end of the series. We’re trying to figure out [the time frame]. We’re looking at the story right now.”

Blind Item!

from CDAN:

I guess she is a C list actress now but with A list name recognition. Anyway, she had her "people" lie to news outlets about her recent trip to rehab. Instead, her "people" gave an exclusive about her rehab visit so she could get a cover story when she gets out of rehab in the hopes of jump starting her career.

who could that be? Hmmmm!

Santa Baby, Eartha Kitt

She does it best! Perfect for the holidays! Enjoy

Monday, December 15, 2008

Oh for Heathus Christs's Sake

From digital spy:

Late actor Heath Ledger's nomination for a Golden Globe Award has reportedly sparked a family feud.

The star's father Kim Ledger and ex-girlfriend Michelle Williams are warring over who should accept the honour on his behalf should he win, according to the New York Daily News.

Ledger, who died in January, has been nominated posthumously for his role as the Joker in The Dark Knight.

Kim, who accepted an Australian Film Insitute award on his son's behalf last week, wants to do the honours again at the Globes. However, bosses at Dark Knight studio Warner Bros would apparently prefer Williams to accept on behalf of her and Ledger's three-year-old daughter Matilda.

"Why would Michelle be involved? She had nothing to do with the movie," a family friend is quoted as saying. "They weren't even together when he passed away. Would you have your ex-wife accept your award?

"[Director] Chris Nolan or [star] Christian Bale would make more sense. Michelle makes no sense. It's like those rumours that she would go to the premiere of The Dark Knight. That was never in the realm of possibility."

Ledger and Williams split in September last year.

Joker pencil

Miley Cyrus in Houston

It seems the Mighty Virus was in Houston, TX, last night, performing at a private party at a local law firm. It was all over the local radio stations this morning. No infections from the Virus have been reported. From Hair Balls in the Houston Press:

OMG!! Guess who’s going to be at Houston lawyer Mark Lanier’s Christmas party this year – Miley Cyrus! When we heard that, we were like, 2G2BT!! Lanier’s parties, which include thousands of guests and which take place on his 25-acre ranch northwest of Houston are always a spectacle, but previous years’ entertainers smacked more of state-fair-purgatory than stadium-sellouts.

*Well, it was last night and if any of my fab readers happened to be there and wants to dish, EMAIL ME!*

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Won't Work, Brit....

This stunt will get you thrown into a hospital faster than you can get 'Womanizer' covered by Lily Allen (which sorta sux, imo). from ONTD:


Britney Spears has come up with an creative way of getting her father removed as conservator of her estate.

Fed up with being told what to do by Papa Jamie Spears, the pop star has reportedly gone on meal-per-day protest diet, eating only a small lunch daily in a bizarre effort to regain control of her affairs, Britain’s Daily Mail reports.

“Britney thinks that if she doesn’t eat much she will lose weight, then people will notice, then she thinks she will get to make her own decisions once again,” says a source, who adds, “She reckons she is better now so fails to see why her dad is still meddling in her life.”

“So she has decided that she will protest by not eating.”

“She has been told to eat but is refusing so is starting to look very skinny indeed. But then that is what she is hoping to achieve.”

*Might work better if she did this:*


I would have loved to have seen this.....

From ONTD:

Last night’s star studded charity auction event, benefiting the Los Angeles Children’s Hospital, was nothing short of a miracle on Sunset Blvd. “Make the Difference Network” sponsored the event with all proceeds going to the Children’s hospital.

Justin Timberlake and comedian Kevin James auctioned off items such as: A set of golf clubs autographed by Justin Timberlake, an adventure with a Navy Seal complete with skydiving and shooting guns, and a variety of limited edition sports memorabilia.

The sky was the limit as the auction wasn’t just open to attendees, but also to the world. By innovation of the internet, big screen TVs throughout the venue also allowed the popular auction site “eBay” and it’s millions of members to join in on the bidding.

Hollywood’s elite seemed to have no quam ponying up by responding generously to the call “open your wallets!” That is, up until the last auction item… A date with Jessica Biel.

NOT just ANY date with Jessica Biel, but a all inclusive Hollywood extravaganza complete with dinner, a stroll down the red carpet with Jessica for her upcoming movie premiere and a nightcap with Jessica after the movie’s premiere.

Cue the crickets!…

The bidding suddenly came to a screeching halt. It seemed there was nothing Justin and Kevin could do to motivate the crowd (and the world). Like an offspring of the Grinch and Scrooge, wallets closed quicker than a Venus Fly Trap on a ham sandwich.

Justin’s attempts were futile as he tried to over compensate for the dramatic change in tone of the auction. Justin panicked, “Come on people, this is the one time I’ll let you go out with my girlfriend.” Currently, the bid was at a mere fraction of Benjamins that had been raked in for a pair of skis. With the unknown eBay bidder upping the non-internet bidders 1-0, Justin tried to motivate the crowd by cracking little jokes and busting out some dance moves, but NO ONE in the crowd reacted to the bid.

If that wasn’t cold enough, Jessica was standing there frozen in embarrassment; and there was nothing Justin could do to save her. Justin then pleaded, “Come on don’t let a strange stalker on the internet take my girlfriend on a date!” Before Justin could save face by bidding HIMSELF, a hefty winning bid rang out from a ghost of Christmas past.

Jessica had been saved! But by who? In what seemed to be a paranormal occasion, it was revealed (to Justin’s chagrin) the winning bidder was in fact Jessica’s former high school “friend” who just “happened” to be in attendance.

Justin got his wish, or did he? He may have put the kibosh on the internet geeks and stalkers, but uh-oh, this bid winner was just the opposite: tall, dark, beyond handsome and on a mission. At this point folks, you could cut the tension with a KNIFE. Not only did Justin miss his chance to “do the right thing”, but SOMEHOW allowed his girlfriend to be sold as an indecent proposal.

Blindsided and somewhat befuddled, Justin tried to play the whole thing off as if it were a “Comedy”, but no one was laughing. This was NO Comedy, it was a Romance novel of epic proportion.

So...Nobody Cares

about Asslee and douchbag's baby with the fucked up they are going to pull the 'we weren't going to sell the pics anyway, what are you talking about?' thing. Douchebags. from

Are even ridiculously named celebrity offspring feeling the effects of the tanking economy? The New York Post claims Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz haven't exactly touched off a bidding war for the first snaps of 3-week-old son Bronx Mowgli.

"Pete and Ashlee have approached every single celebrity magazine with offers to sell their first photos, but nobody wants them," a source snipes to the paper. "Covers of them tend not to sell well." Wentz, however, adamantly denies the report, saying they've made a decision to keep Bronx under wraps for now.

"Truth is, like every celeb couple, we were offered mounds and mounds of money by mags from here to Guam to pimp out the baby," Wentz wrote Thursday on his Web site. "We just don't want to go down that road with him."

But the Fall Out Boy bassist makes it clear that he's not dissing the likes of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, who have negotiated big money deals for their tot shots. "We are not placing judgment on those that do as they often use the money in a very charitable way," Pete explains.

"However, we have made the decision to not sell Bronx's baby pictures right now." The new dad says he and Ashlee "understand the curiosity, just not the viciousness that comes along with it when it becomes so insatiable. We know there will be a time when we'll share him with everyone because that insatiable curiosity becomes unsafe or simply because we're proud parents who want to show him off!"

Adds a proud Wentz, "Trust me, he's cute. He looks like his mommy."



Friday, December 12, 2008

A Legend Passes.....


1950s pinup model Bettie Page dies in LA at 85
Dec. 12, 2008, 2:24 AM EST

LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Bettie Page, the 1950s secretary-turned-model whose controversial photographs in skimpy attire or none at all helped set the stage for the 1960s sexual revolution, died Thursday. She was 85.

Page was placed on life support last week after suffering a heart attack in Los Angeles and never regained consciousness, said her agent, Mark Roesler. He said he and Page's family agreed to remove life support. Before the heart attack, Page had been hospitalized for three weeks with pneumonia.

"She captured the imagination of a generation of men and women with her free spirit and unabashed sensuality," Roesler said. "She is the embodiment of beauty."

Bettie is what's ideal, not bones, not piggy but perfect.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Snow Update!

The earlier ones involved freezing rain and ice....This is when it actually snowed.

grill snow 12.10.08

house snow 12.10.08

Happy Holidays! ^_^

Big News of the Day is....

SNOW IN HOUSTON! Got it this afternoon and the last time it snowed here was like, five years ago but I was out of town at the time. This round, I got pics! Now you have to understand that when it gets to about 50 degrees here, people freak out like they might freeze to death, so you can imagine the insanity when it snows. It's like this:


You would think that hell froze over. Well maybe for here, it did. Anyhow, here are a couple of pics from my backyard. It is freezing rain covered in snow.

Snow2 12.10.08

That's my gas grill, just to give you an idea of the frostiness. And those white blips? That's snow. Here, you can see it on the deck too:

Snow 12.10.08

I'm staying in because it's idiots on ice out on the roads right now and I want nothing to do with them. People here drive badly enough, the snow just makes the moron parade into Russian Roullete. So I'm cuddling up to a hot bowl of soup in my favorite sweats. Cheers!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Blind Items!

Party time

This celebrity wants everyone to know everything about how perfect her life is, and how you can be just like her. We know she is currently lying about two things. The first lie she tells is about food. She says that she grocery shops and spends time in the kitchen cooking every meal for herself and her family. So not true. A quote from a recent member of her household staff : “She wouldn’t know where anything was kept in the kitchen unless it fell off the shelf and hit her in the head.” The second lie she tells is about her marriage. It’s not happy. It’s over. Expect them to remain a pretend couple while the attorneys hammer out a divorce agreement. The offical split will happen early next year. (Female First)

Spin's guess: Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin

"A breakup with another celebrity in the past hasn’t turned off this actress to the possibility of marriage. Everyone thinks she is eager for her current beau to propose. Not true. While they make a photogenic couple and she does love him, she is holding back for two reasons. The first is that she is still cautious about marrying the current guy following a rocky period in their relationship. The second reason is that her ex and his current relationship are having problems, and she is hoping that they break up sooner rather than later, so she can swoop in and reclaim him." [BlindGossip]

Spin's Guess: Jennifer Aniston

Is this Pop Diva really pregnant, or is this just another publicity stunt for her stalled career? P.S.---if she really is pregnant, this won’t be her first child. Hmmmmmmm! (underground buzz)

Spin's guess: Janet Jackson

Craziest. Thing. Ever?

You tell me! What do you think? On the one hand it makes me laugh because of the absurdity and then it depresses me because....of it's absurdity.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Be Afraid.

Or make it stop or something. More alien space children on the way? Grab your tin foil hat and run! The turkey baster got thawed out again! From digital spy:

Katie Holmes has sparked rumours that she may be expecting her second child with Tom Cruise.

The actress was photographed wearing loose-fitting clothing to hide what appeared to be a baby bump, according to reports.

“Katie looked glowing and happy and kept placing a protective hand over her stomach," a source told New magazine.

"Even though she was trying to keep it covered, you could definitely see the beginnings of a bump.”

The couple have previously said they were keen to have a brother or sister for two-year-old daughter Suri.

"We'll have more children. I'm saying this but Kate's not here," Cruise said recently.



I think I need to repeat that....BONES ARE NOT PRETTY.....Bones are not supposed to poke out of your chest. I'm starting the Toss Rachel a Cheeseburger Fund. I'll force feed it to her and you can hold her down. Oh what the hell, I could hold her down with a knee and do it. DO NOT WANT.

In this snippet, we can see her slipping the only nutrient she has for a day, a grain of rice.


but then she probably spit it out, thinking it would make her fat. Are we supposed to actually believe her when she says she doesn't supply clients with diet drugs or clem? Really Rachel?

Goddamm, after looking at that, I need a cheeseburger smothered in gravy with a hit of cheesecake and pie. Mmmmmm.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Sam Ronson to stray?

Odd thought, isn't it? You'd think Blohan would be the one to fuck up her relationship....but maybe not! Sam's shopping for some new pink carpet? Love can be so complicated...from IDLYITW:

Star is reporting that Samantha Ronson is fed up with Lindsay Lohan and is currently looking around for another vagina to dive in. Specifically, 90210's AnnaLynne McCord:

"Watch out, Lindsay Lohan — your gal, Samantha Ronson, has the hots for a younger woman! The celebrity DJ met 90210 beauty AnnaLynne McCord, 21, at a party in Los Angeles and "thought she was gorgeous," says an insider. "Sam got a great vibe from her." Sam may be in luck! As Star reported recently, AnnaLynne was spotted passionately kissing a brunette on Nov. 4. And Sam is tiring of all the drama around her superstar girlfriend. The two got into a knock- down, drag-out fight while in London on Nov. 18."

R.I.P. Mollygood...

Heard the news this afternoon! Sorry to see you go. You can read the goodbye here.

Fear not my quirky, snarky readers. Mollygood may have been eaten alive by the economy but I have no budget. That means that I shall be with you forever or at least until I get tired of celebrities doing stupid things. Like that shall ever happen. So cheers, drink up, it's the weekend! Spin shall be here for you! That's a good thing, right?

Tyra arms

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Circus - Full Video (leaked)

It's better but I still think she needs to add just a little more snap.....the choreography could have been a little better and geez, nice product placement, Brit......but she's getting there. Enjoy!

Pari$ Hilton is still a Ho

But you would expect nothing less, right? I mean, come on, she's gonna hook up with money. From Janet Charlton's:

Benji Madden might be surprised to learn that only weeks after their split, Paris Hilton already has a billionaire in her back pocket. When Paris was at the Fountainebleau opening in Miami she hooked up with jewelry designer Pascal Mouawad. At the hotel nightclub he presented her with a $100,000 diamond watch and she ran around the club squealing and showing her friends while alarmed bodyguards struggled to keep up. Pascal has what Paris wants - private jets and huge yachts and gobs of money. He has a home in the Hollywood Hills not far from hers and they've been doing a lot of secret after hours socializing. (They were photographed on the red carpet and she's wearing a three million dollar necklace he lent her.)

Um, WUT?

December 02, 2008. just caught word from an EXTREMELY reliable source (who happens to be a celebrity also) that Janet Jackson is pregnant with her first child.

And get this - according to our snitch, Janet and her longtime boyfriend Jermaine Dupri conceived the child "naturally" - i.e. without drugs or artificial insemination.

But don't expect any official announcement anytime soon. The insider told, "It's still very early [in the pregnancy], she wants to wait before she tells the whole world about it.

*guess she had nothing else to do since her tour bombed*


Patrick Swayze deserves a long life!

By Simon Reynolds, Entertainment Reporter

Swayze: 'I'm not on my deathbed'

Rex Features

Patrick Swayze has hit out at tabloid rumours claiming that he is close to death.

A report from the National Enquirer alleged that Swayze was "on his last legs" and saying goodbye to his family after his pancreatic cancer spread to his liver.

In a statement to People, the 56-year-old blasted the US reports for spreading "lies and false information about me and those close to me".

"Pancreatic cancer is an aggressive disease and from the moment I was diagnosed, I knew I was in for the fight of my life," he said. "It's a battle, and so far, I've been winning. I'm one of the lucky few that responds well to treatment."

He added: "It's upsetting that the shoddy and reckless reporting from these publications casts a negative shadow on the positive and good fight I'm fighting.

"For me, my family, and those close to me, it amounts to downright emotional cruelty. That makes me angry when hope is so precious."

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

So it's really going to be a Circus

with the tour anyway...glitter and sluts shall abound! from digital spy:

Pussycat Dolls to tour with Spears

Britney Spears has announced details of her comeback tour, which will include a special guest appearance by the Pussycat Dolls.

'The Circus' jaunt, Spears's first arena tour in five years, will get underway on March 3 in New Orleans.

US dates will conclude on April 28 in Rosemont, Illinois, after which Spears will jet to the UK in June for two performances at London's O2 arena.

A statement on the singer's website read: "Now’s your chance to experience the circus like never before as Britney performs centre ring, in the round!"

The tour has been arranged in support of Spears's new LP Circus, which was released on her 27th birthday today.


BTW....I was gonna offer a review of her 'exclusive' For the Record interview....but fourfour is so much more eloquent and he already wrote it.....and I agree, so read it here

Snow Meiser & Heat Meiser

you watched "The year without a Santa Claus" I know you did! Here's the Snow Meiser & Heat Meiser song, since it seems appropriate right now, half the country in snow, the other half hot. Enjoy!

Friday, November 28, 2008


I think I smell it:

Mary-Kate Olsen is reportedly pregnant.

The 22-year-old star - who shot to fame alongside twin sister Ashley in hit US TV show 'Full House' aged nine months - has sparked rumours she is expecting her first child after her weight shot up to 102lbs, according to National Enquirer magazine.

A source said: "Mary-Kate has been looking a lot rounder recently. It is good she has put on weight, because she previously suffered from anorexia, but a lot of people think she could actually be attempting to hide her pregnancy."

Mary-Kate has been dating New York artist Nate Lowman since the beginning of the year and is said to have been inspired to start a family by late actor, and close friend, Heath Ledger - who told her becoming a father was the most rewarding thing he had ever done.

The source added: Mary-Kate really took Heath's words to heart

The source added: "Mary-Kate really took Heath's words to heart. She wanted the same kind of fulfilment in her life that Heath found in his after becoming a dad.

"She is really happy with Nate and is very excited they will soon be starting their family together."


And in 'It's About time' news....

from digital spy:

Amy Winehouse has apparently taken steps to separate from her husband Blake Fielder-Civil.

The 25-year-old singer met with lawyers yesterday to discuss a divorce, according to The Sun.

Winehouse was taken to hospital at the weekend following what was claimed to be a drink and drugs related seizure brought on by a telephone row with her husband. She has since checked herself into a clinic for treatment and is said to have asked her father to arrange the legal meeting.

Fielder-Civil is meanwhile in rehab as part of the terms of his early release from a 27-month jail sentence for attacking a pub landlord and perverting the course of justice. Rumours that the marriage had reached crisis point started circulating as soon as he entered the Surrey centre.

Last week, a friend said Winehouse had finally accepted that the couple did not have a future together and that a separation was the only way forward.

Amy Winehouse Pictures, Images and Photos

Whores that they are....

They're whoring out their newborn too. Couldn't expect anything less from them. from digitalspy:

Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz are likely to be offered $2 million for photos of their new son, a celebrity publicist has said.

Simpson and the Fall Out Boy star are expected to receive the sum for an exclusive photoshoot with baby Bronx Mowgli, according to Howard Bragman.

"I see Ashlee and Pete coming in at the low seven figures mark. $2 million seems like a good, solid figure for Ashlee and Pete. It's a two-celeb couple, so that's a boost for them," ABC News quotes him as saying.

"Keep in mind, last year, Ashlee was the girl who sang along to the tape recorder," he added, in reference to a much-criticised lip-syncing performance.

"It was a PR nightmare. Now, she's a newlywed and a new mom, so she's a lot more relatable."

The publicist claimed that Simpson would be unlikely to match the record $20 million that Angelina Jolie received for images of her newborn twins.

*my sentiments:


Thursday, November 27, 2008

Joel and Nicole to tie the knot?

Is this to show up Pari$, who split up with the other Madden brother? off of

In the crazy-tip-turvy-Holllywood-world you have babies first…then you get married. Since Nicole and Richie and Joel Madden had their baby girl almost a year ago, they are ready to make it legal and honest. Sources report that Harlow’s momma and daddy are planning to get married on their baby’s birthday, January 11th.

“They want to set an example for Harlow. Nicole and Joel are doing this to seal their love legally. They want the ceremony to coincide with Harlow’s first birthday and be one big joyous occasion for everybody.”

*On the same day as Harlow's birthday? Damm....if they ever split up, as is common in LaLa land, that would suck for everyone, especially Harlow cuz that would be THE REST OF HER LIFE.*

Britney Didn't Split Up the Marriage

Fed-Ex did....from

Britney Spears has revealed Kevin Federline ended their marriage.

The "Womanizer" singer filed for divorce in 2006, but has now confessed it was actually the aspiring rapper who called time on their relationship.

She admitted: "I didn't think my husband was gonna leave me."

Britney, who recently admitted the marriage was a mistake, also revealed her sadness over the split because it means the couple's two sons, Sean Preston, three, and Jayden James, two, can't enjoy a traditional upbringing.

The 26-year-old star - who currently enjoys three visits a week with the boys - told America's Rolling Stone magazine: "To be a really good mom, I feel your child needs to be your full-time job."

"I want to raise my kids and share all of those precious moments with them."

"If Kevin hadn't left, I'd be with my babies 24/7. But since they're almost like twins, they both take care of each other."

"I think they look like me. They don't look like their father at all."

*Of course he left you, honey...he got what he wanted and now he's set to never have to work. He totally took advantage of you. Sorry it went that way, but you should have known better.*

*brought to you by Britmas*



Thank you, Abraham Lincoln, for instituting this day so I could have time off of work. I am also thankful for getting that white eyelash out of my eyelid, it was growing in funny and hurt.

But most of all, I am thankful to you, my readers. You are my inspiration and motivation! I hope, wherever you are, that you are happy and healthy.

Let's keep up the snark!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Just in time for Thanksgiving

Lainey BI reveals!

Lainey has revealed some old Blind Items recentlysources: digging on Lainey Gossip and thefashionspot

Because he ignores her

Another week, another riddle involving a coke fiend. Everyone does it, but it's not the doing that's intriguing, it's the who's doing that's intriguing. Especially since her reputation is supposed to be so civilised and enlightened: a doting mother, a successful business, an artist (debatable), and an icon to many a MiniVan member. ironic as it may seem considering the original spirit of the inspiration. The situation is actually even more shocking considering her past.

Having had that kind of experience with addiction though, perhaps there are only 2 roads: to shun drugs fiercely or, as it is in this case, to embrace them dangerously in her time of need.It's not just genes that keep her so thin. More

Answer: Sarah Jessica Parker

Proof 1 Actually no. Valentino was there to keep her company, so at least one gay was by her side … and a orange one at that…just not the one she was hoping for. Seriously, how fashionable is it to look as though you’re being asphyxiated? This is Sarah Jessica Parker last night at the New York City Ballet opening in a killer short dress but no one to appreciate it.

Proof 2 SJP this morning taking James Wilkie to school more dressed up than usual for the daily routine. James’s hair is starting to resemble his mother’s. Very cute.Not so cute are his mother’s scrawny legs. They’ve always been scrawny. Like the rest of her. She says it’s simple genetics. That she’s always been a rail.

Oh really?

Star Treatment

How does he roll? Private plane on someone else’s dime with specific requests about the type of aircraft…like it’s not enough to bypass commercial flying, you need to fly in a particular model. But that’s just the beginning. He can only travel in matching (like MATCHING!) SUVs with police escort. Three of them. One left empty. And then a sedan.

Why the sedan? Because his lower level staff are not allowed to ride in SUVs. They are beneath SUVs. His staff must also stay in a hotel separate from his.Then there’s eye contact. No eye contact under any circumstances. If his driver happens to have to idle for more than 15 seconds with him in the car – say they’re packing up gear, or waiting for a delivery – the driver must exit the vehicle until the fleet is ready to move. More

Answer: P Diddy

Proof: Diddy = Barack Obama? Sit the f-ck DOWN B List!Barack Obama wouldn’t tell people not to make eye contact. Barack Obama wouldn’t tell hotel staff to kowtow in his presence and be honoured to breathe his air. Barack Obama wouldn’t make a 100 people wait during what was promised to be a live interactive interview and cancel at the last minute for no reason. But Diddy would. And Diddy did.And who are the f-cking idiots spending money on this sh-t?

Body or Baby?

A couple of years ago, I was the first to write about the celebrity IV diet – many of them would admit themselves to hospital under the care of a proper physician for 10 days, 2 weeks or so, eliminating food in favour of an IV drip chock full of essentials to keep one alive while starving. Click here for a refresher. Mainstream outlets only picked up on this last month. Needless to say, the IV diet presents some major health issues. It’s also not that convenient. How many weeks on end can you disappear in a given year without arousing suspicion, to say nothing of the limitations on actually having a real life – who wants to spend weeks at a time away from home? This is why she chose something, for her anyway, that was more … flexible. In more ways than one. More

Answer: Debra Messing

Proof:Now that she has her body back, her priority now is to spend time with her husband: "I can't tell you the last time I had a date with my husband. My ideal date with Daniel would be a spectacular meal, maybe Italian, followed by dancing. That's a New Year's resolution I'm looking forward to."Italian?Carbs expand in your stomach. Then again, that’s what elasticity is for.

It’s easy but it’s not hard

Caution right off the top – if you’re the prudey type, some details here are not for you. Click away or hold your peace. Don’t be emailing me with a lewd complaint since you were given ample warning.Celebrities are surrounded all the time by beautiful women. Especially him. He boasts an impressive track record, minus one infection, and so you would think, for a regular, non famous girl, even a really, really beautiful non famous girl, it would be an insurmountable obstacle to catch his eye…right? Not so. More

Answer: Leonardo DiCaprio

ProofHopefully Bar can raise his bar (a link to a Leonardo post on justjared)

One after another – celebrity dog scandals.

This one is extremely upsetting.Miss Bottom had two. Both of the same fierce breed. They say of this breed that they should never be left alone together. That inevitably only one will remain.And this is what happened recently. One ate the other. The other is gone. Killed. Seeing as she has such a wonderful publicist however, this tragedy likely won’t see the light of day. But every dog owner will tell you – they are like our children. We are responsible for our children. We are responsible for making sure they are safe. Clearly her dogs were not safe. Clearly she was too busy publicising a romance rather than prioritising her pet. Douche. (Can't find the link anymore but here it is on tFS)

Answer: Jessica Biel (disgusts me)

Proof: Apparently they’re about to move in to his new New York apartment together and are tentatively doing so in LA as well. This would mean making sure her remaining dog, the one that ate her 2nd dog, killing it tragically as she was negligently in the other room, will have to live in peace with Justin’s two pooches.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

O Happy Day!!

She's OV-AH! Finally!
You may have noticed my lack of Pari$ Hilton posts.....I have refused to give the bitch any press. But this is so perfect and lovely, I must share it. From Page 6:

November 25, 2008 --

Paris Hilton's popularity has plummeted. The heir-head, whose show, "Paris Hilton's My New BFF," on MTV has low ratings, was booed so badly at the Kress in Hollywood this weekend, she refused to take the stage. Hilton was at a birthday party for designer Christian Audigier's daughter, Crystal, and was supposed to introduce the Pussycat Dolls. But when Audigier took the stage and yelled to the crowd, "Do you want to see Paris Hilton?" our spy said, "The entire room - which had just cheered when they thought Britney Spears was coming - booed loudly. Paris was practically in tears and left without taking the stage."

I Wanna Be Your Dog

Enjoy a little Iggy Pop with Steve Jones. Song has been in my head for days. I saw Iggy once after a Farm Aid concert years ago and man, that guy is short. Walked like his back hurt, in the rod up his ass sort of way.

Monday, November 24, 2008

No Doubt coming back?

It's about goddammm time!

Gwen Stefani
is making good on her promise that No Doubt will record a new album and go on tour. I think she made that promise like 3 years ago or some shit, but it's better late than never! On their official website, they posted this picture along with a little iChat conversation between the band members. Basically, they are going to take their shit on the road next year while working on their first album together in seven years. The last time they performed on stage together was in 2004.

Gwen has been busy making babies with funny names, putting out her own albums and working on some fashion shit.

Fuck yes. I can't wait to go to this shit. I just hope there's a bunch of 30-something hos who pay homage to vintage Gwen by wearing zipper pants, furry bra tops, suspenders and Frankenstein boots. Oh and don't forget the rockabilly hair and bindi.

Now if only No Doubt can get Garbage, Alanis Morissette, Joan Osbourne, Paula Cole, Fiona Apple, Tracy Bonham, The Cardigans and Meredith Brooks to perform with them. Actually, I think I went to a show in L.A. in the late 90s where all those bitches performed together. Aw. Those were the days when I was a little homo who really wanted to be an angsty lezzie.

The Return Of No Doubt | Dlisted

Wanna hear all of Britney's Circus?

Click here.

you won't be disappointed! It's danceable, I like it and yes, it's like Blackout pt. 2. Except Brit doesn't sound like a drugged up tart in this one.

Happy Britmas.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Blind Item!

straight from gossip rocks, having a helluva time figuring it out. What is know so far is that the actor is female and very very famous. Maybe you can figure it out:

This actor doesn't act at all! They have an acting coach on hand who learns the script and performs it. For each scene the coach will position the actor, show them what to do, and the actor will mimic it exactly. This is why their films take so long to complete. One person from the set left for 2 weeks for another engagement, when she returned they were still doing the same scene! They also use eyedrops for tears, but apparently that's pretty normal.

And this was given as a clue:

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Ass-lee's in labor

I wonder if the nose is gonna be hard to pass through....

from Socialite's Life:

It has been confirmed by In Touch that Ashlee Simpson has gone into labor. The magazine chatted with a source close to the family who admitted, "Yes, she is in labor." This news comes after Ashlee's false alarm this weekend.,

With her husband Pete Wentz by her side, along with her family, the entire brood is eagerly awaiting this new arrival at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles.

*She's huge, she should be ready to give birth! Maybe the baby will come out like this:*


Update: World's Biggest Idiots Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson (both singers or musicians or something) have welcomed a baby boy into the world. The child's name is Bronx Mowgli. We repeat: Bronx. Mowgli. [Rolling Stone]

*Better than Brooklyn Baloo?*

Over in 3...2...1.....

Team Guy wins, he won't be bought off. from

Madonna and her husband of ten years Guy Ritchie are to initiate the first stage of their divorce proceedings tomorrow in London, according to court papers. If all goes smoothly, the divorce could be final in six weeks.

Ritchie is not asking for any of Madonna's fortune, estimated at over $450 million, U.K. papers are reporting. Ritchie is worth about one-tenth of that.

The couple will share custody of their two boys, Rocco, 8, and adopted David, 3, with the two splitting time between New York and London, say reports.

Madonna's daughter Lourdes from a previous relationship, will stay with her mother.

The quick settlement comes just over a month since the two publicly announced their split amidst rumors linking Madonna and New York Yankee Alex Rodriguez.

The couple's lawyers, Helen Ward and Fiona Shackleton, are said to have worked tirelessly to gain an early settlement.

*Not to nit-pick, but I thought they were married 7 1/2 years, not 10*

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Blind Item!

from MTO, so take it for what it's worth:

November 19, 2008. Get ready for another celebrity divorce. just caught wind that a popular African American comedian's wife is about to file for divorce.

According to our snitches, the comedian's wife is very unhappy with how brazen her hubby's cheating has become. The tipster claims that this 40-something year old comedian is now bringing his jump off - who is about 20 years old - to his movie premieres.

But don't worry guys, the DIRTY DOG is about to get what he has coming to him. You see, his wife has already hired a VERY PROMINENT divorce lawyer and is set to file any day now. And the dude has NO IDEA what's about to hit him.

We here at could give you the name of the comedian, but that would just spoil the fun. We can tell you that he's pretty popular and he has a movie out in theaters now.

But don't worry ... we'll all know who it is soon enough...

*Spin's guess: Chris Rock*

And cuz I'm bored...

Suri flips you off:

If this is you, I'm sorry....

Hey, bitches in Congress: Fix my economy. k thx bai

Monday, November 17, 2008

She Looks Good....

So you don't have to. Here's Heidi "I've had three kids" Klum on the catwalk at the 2008 Victoria's Secret show. Frankly, this is where she belongs, not on my TV. I find her shrilly little voice annoying and the world is a better place when she keeps her yap shut. She's meant for looking good and that's it.

Frankly, I can't believe she's still doing this. Stephanie Seymour retired long ago with her brood. Not Heidi. She's going to flaunt herself in front of the rest of us who are flabby, fat and work in an office all day long until one of us rises up and stabs her in the eye. But that wouldn't stop her, she'd still prance about with a terribly stylish eyepatch, her abs taunting us all.

Here's Heidi talking to Us Magazine:

Heidi Klum's tip for losing that pesky baby weight?
Be realistic.
“I always think, 'Look at how people were before they were pregnant,'" Klum, 34, says in June's Marie Claire. “If you were a toned, healthy, energetic person, most likely you will be like that again."
Klum rocked a bikini two months after welcoming her second child, Henry, in a 2005 Victoria's Secret fashion show.
"A lot of people come to me, and they’re like, ‘Will I look like you after I have the baby?’" she added. "And I say, ‘Well, how were you before?’" she says. "You can’t kid yourself.”

"I don’t want to be wondering about how skinny I am, wondering what I’m going to eat because I don’t want to gain and I want to look hot and young, always and forever," she adds.

You make beaucoup $$ off your body!!! Whatever bitch.

Circus Leak!

Just in time for Britmas....This is Rockboy:

Fun with Engrish!

found this on the Engrish site and had to share.....I'm already singing it to myself!

Saturday, November 15, 2008


Found this on and all I have is WTF....although, does this mean there will be a pussy pussy too? The latest in Adult Blowup Toys:

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Sorry for the lack of posts, Spin is battling a nasy cold that leaves me dizzy and hard to concentrate. Will post as soon as it leaves me!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


from, so take it with a grain of salt:

November 11, 2008. You knew it was coming. has learned that AT LEAST one (and likely more than one) of the celebrity weeklies coming out tomorrow will feature an article claiming that Rihanna is pregnant with Chris Brown's child.

And it gets better. According to one of our snitches at the mag, Rihanna is reportedly planning on keeping the child.

Well, we're reluctant to believe all these pregnancy rumors ... but who knows.

FYI - a snitch in Rihnana's camp tells us that the two are set to go to Barbados next week - to visit Rihanna's parents.

Could they be making an announcement???


Blind Item!

Which proud new papa isn't much of a family guy? The handsome actor, notorious for having a roving eye, was spotted leaving a downtown hot spot with the beautiful bartender.

Whatever loser die

O Rly?

Mel apparently thinks he can make his own rules. from

Melbourne (ANI): American actor Mel Gibson, 52, has shot down rumours of a romance blossoming between him and a glamorous Russian musician. His spokesman Alan Neirob says the reports suggesting that Gibson is going around with the musician Oksana are false.

"Oksana is merely one of the artists on Mel's recording label Icon and is currently in the US recording a new album. She's a musician," the Daily Telegraph quoted him as telling the publication. His comment comes after the publication of reports that Gibson became close with the Eastern European lady while filming his new movie Edge Of Darkness.

The publication, Women's Day, brought out many occasions when the two have been seen together in Gibson's trailer, claiming that their relationship has been a hot topic on the set.

Don't We All?

Had to share!

Monday, November 10, 2008

And Knowing is Half The Battle

Blohan is almost there!

A coy Lindsay Lohan insists that she isn't a lesbian and barely cops to being bisexual - but admits that she's dating a "wonderful" woman with whom she's madly in love, according to a new interview with the starlet. "I think it's pretty obvious who I'm seeing," Lohan told Harper's Bazaar magazine. Nonetheless, she pointedly refused to name her lady love, LA DJ Samantha Ronson. When asked if she considered herself a bisexual, Lohan answered, "Maybe. Yeah." But she was adamant that she wasn't a lesbian, giving an emphatic, "No," when asked.