Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A New Madonna Single!

It's an 80's retro sound but much "bubblegummier" than what she did in the 80's.  Anyhow, have a listen to this leak:

Monday, November 7, 2011

Spin Sycle for Monday, November 7 2011

What's happening Syclers?


I can't with Lindsay Lohan.  I just can't.  Wake me when she's died.

Some bitch is going to try to strongarm Justin Bieber into being a father.  Teen girls really are monsters (she was a teen when she claims she got pregnant by JB).

Is Kim K trying to save her PR stunt because E! might cancel her show otherwise?  You decide

Ashlee Simpson has nothing else going on in her life, gets her sister Jessica to launch a clothing line with her.

Lindsay can't even get being naked right, has to redo her photo shoot

But did it knock any sense into her?

Paula Abdul hallucinates

Jennifer Garner wears something hideous.  

Are Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock finally getting together?  I would totally cosign that

and finally, a blind item reveal for you:

August 27, 2007,

About two years ago, this A list director known almost as much for the number of women he f**ks as for his directing, decided to keep an electronic journal/blackbook of the woman he had been with, wanted to be with and only heard about. It included their names, reputation, if they were good in bed, if they were bi, if they would have sex to get a role, anything and everything was included. One day he shared his journal with another A list director friend who also has a reputation and that director started adding all of his info as well and where the women overlapped, both reports were included. The two directors decided they wanted to be able to share their information with friends, other directors, and producers and so created an invitation only blog which now has several hundred entries and has been updated as recently as last week. It's like a wiki sex book but these two directors are the only ones who can edit the information or add anything. The only reports that are added are those of the 15 or so people who have access to the site and have had first hand knowledge of the women. No secondhand or rumors are allowed. No actors are allowed access to the site, and no married men either. If one of the 15 gets married or starts living with someone, the password is changed.

Brett Ratner/Michael Bay