Saturday, February 19, 2011

Your Weekend Edition of the Spin Sycle

How are you, Syclers?  Enjoying yourselves?  Here's what's happening:

Westboro Baptist Church,  YOU DUN GOOFED  (Anonymous is having your have been warned)

"Narnia" producer found dead in his bathroom

Steve Jobs not long for this world?

Can you believe that Katie and Tom shall celebrate their fifth wedding anniversay this year?

Jessica Simpson had her chance to really step up and shine while Britney was having her crazy fit and JS totally FAILED.  Now looking to scope hubby #2, she has to stop being a fatty or else.  Girl must like setting herself up to fail.

Blind Item!

BlindGossip – This celebrity couple is splitting, but we hear that some of the more recent  arguments continue to be jaw-dropping. The couple was originally pushed into marriage due to an untimely pregnancy. However, it seems that not even having a child has softened Wifey’s attitude towards her soon-to-be-ex husband. “I should have had an ab*rtion when I had the chance!” she screamed at him during a recent fight. We wonder what Justin Bieber would think about that. We also wonder if the couple has put aside money for therapy for their child in the future.

In case you missed it, here's Britney spears' new video "Hold is against me"  I CAN HAZ MOAR PRODUCT PLCMNT PLZ?:

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Spin Sycle for February 17 2011

Can you believe it's already halfway thru February, Syclers?  Didn't we just have christmas??

Jessica Alba is having baby #2....proving that about all of Hollywood is pregnant right now.

Charlie Sheen has advice for Lilo.  Lindsay, you should listen.

Billy Ray Cyrus wants to blame everyone but himself because he's a douche.

Did Lady Gaga lie about that email from Madonna concerning "Born this way?"

Justin Bieber just slit his own career throat

Here's a blind item for you:

BlindGossip – This multi-hyphenate celebrity couple is sooo ovah. While they still make the occasional public appearance together, they have been residing in separate homes and leading completely separate lives for months now. There is big money involved, so no announcement of their split will be made until they untangle their finances. BTW, the real reason for the split is that he has been getting bolder and bolder about cheating on her. Even if their relationship was almost all business from the beginning, it was humiliating for her to discover that he was on the DL.

Monday, February 14, 2011

St. Valentine's Day Spin Sycle Edition!!!

Happy Love day, Syclers!!  I want you to know how much I appreciate you!  Happy hearts and joy to you today!

Lilo got a Valentine by getting a new judge for her possible probation violation hearing

See Cynthia Nixon and her fiancee's baby valentine

If you didn't watch the Grammys,  see who won here

Considering the source (MTO) take this with a grain of salt BUT  Jay Z and Beyonce separating?  You know it would be all about the kids issue.  Have the children, Bey!  Don't wait too long!  I'll tell you from experience that it's very very painful when you can't have children like the textbooks say you are supposed to!  Reproductive specialists are so full of shit! That's a huge issue Syclers!  work that out before you  tie that knot!  Not a happy Valentine.

Here's Lady Gaga's performance of "Born This Way" at the Grammys,  a song that Spin personally thinks she tried a little too hard with.  Maybe it's a Valentine for everybody else?  The new Gay National Anthem?  We shall have to see what Gaga does after this, methinks she has hit her peak , having got all of us to pay attention to her, now she shall have to work even harder to keep that attention musically, not with just cheap and cheesy theatrics: