Friday, October 9, 2009


This is from take it with a grain of salt....

We got the official confirmation guys – Mariah Carey’s pregnant. According to one of's insiders close to Mariah, the platinum selling artist and her husband Nick Cannon are expecting their first child together.

The couple has been trying for nearly a year to have a child and they’ve finally made it work.

But don’t expect an announcement anytime soon. The insider explained to, " Mariah is superstitious, and she doesn’t want to talk about the pregnancy until she’s a lot further along."

Well congrats guys . . . I'm sure they're both excited. Mariah gets to have a baby . . . And Nick can be the stay-at-home dad that he's always wanted to be. . .

*and supposedly Nick Cannon's brother knocked up Danger from "for the love of Ray J" wth?*

Brought to you by Whitney Houston:

Whitney whatever

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Um, wut?

Ay, Caramba! Marge Simpson Gets Nude for Playboy

Who knew Marge Simpson was such a sex kitten?

Sources confirm that the ambiguously aged, iconic cartoon TV mama will appear—naked!—on the November cover of Playboy magazine...

Hugh Hefner teased a while back on Twitter about a possible Marge-Playboy collaboration. We now can tell you that the Simpson matriarch will be featured in a three-page pictorial complete with an interview and a data sheet to mark The Simpsons' 20th anniversary.

But if naked blue-haired cartoons aren't your forté, don't worry. Marge will not— we repeat, will not—be replacing the usual real-life human Playmate in the issue.

We haven't seen the Marge shots yet, so we cannot tell you if the rug matches the drapes.

*from ONTD*

Sunday, October 4, 2009


David Letterman won't be in trouble for jack. Nikki Finke explains why:

So I'll say what other media haven't the guts to point out as they speculate on whether CBS will investigate David Letterman's single man sex with staffers at his independent production company Worldwide Pants: This fish stinks from the head. CBS boss Les Moonves professionally and personally crossed the line of propriety when, of all the women in the world from which to choose, he began an adulterous affair with a network underling, The Early Show’s co-anchor Julie Chen, and broke up his 24-year marriage in the process. Not only did Viacom bigwig Sumner Redstone overlook that, but the old coot himself over the years, whether he was married or not, openly shtupped one of his producer girlfriends while she had Paramount and/or CBS deals. Which are all violations of so many corporate codes of conduct that I don’t think I can count that high.

*Too many people in Hollywood are busy fucking other people....too many fingers to point.*

Jon & Kate: It just got ugly

He took the money! Stupid Kate, the first thing you shoulda done when announcing divorce is gone to the bank. From Radaronline:

At the same time he was telling a national TV audience that he wanted to put the brakes on his divorce and establish a better relationship with his wife, Jon Gosselin was secretly emptying their bank account, has learned exclusively.

Jon violated an arbitrator's rules and pulled hundreds of thousands of dollars out of his joint account with Kate, leaving her with only $1,000, a investigation uncovered.

It's the most dramatic turn yet in what has been a public brawl of a divorce, with Jon hiring a controversial lawyer and trying to repair his public image in the past few weeks.

He appeared on Larry King Live last week with his lawyer Mark Heller and said he had an epiphany, adding: "I want Kate and I to mediate. I want us to become friends."

But within hours of uttering those words, Jon was withdrawing several hundred thousand dollars from his joint bank account with Kate without her knowledge, leaving his estranged wife with only $1,000.

When Kate discovered what happened she engaged a high-powered lawyer who immediately sent Jon a letter, demanding he return the money to the bank account. And has learned that another lawyer for Kate will go to court in Pennsylvania on Monday to file papers demanding the money be returned.

Multiple sources tell that Jon's actions were in violation of the Gosselin divorce arbitrator's guidelines.

Another bank account, set up for the Gosselin children, was untouched.