Thursday, April 16, 2009

Wish me luck!

No posts on Friday, sorry!  I have an appointment that's gonna take me all day...basically, I'm getting my ass knocked out and won't even be able to drive, good times!  So I'm leaving you with Weezer's Troublemaker:

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tragic news for Katie Holmes

Poor girl must be in shock.  From
Tragedy has struck Katie Holmes' family. has learned that Katie's brother-in-law died suddenly at age 48.Joseph Jeffrey Fretti, 48, was found dead by a family friend on April 12 in the Sarasota, Fl., home of his mother Shirley.
Fretti is the husband of Katie's oldest sister Tamera, 41. Katie has two other older sisters.

Jeff Fretti was the owner of a funeral home in Toledo, Ohio. He had taken his two young children to visit his 76-year-old mother.

Sarasota Medical Examiner Russell Vega told that a cause of death has yet to be determined but doesn't suspect foul play or suicide.

A funeral Mass for Fretti is scheduled at Gesu Church in Toledo next Monday. Katie is expected to attend the service for her brother-in-law. It is not known if husband Tom Cruise will also attend.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Lilo has a sense of humor!

check out her fauxharmony ad:



BlindGossip - This Stepford Wife is close to splitting from her husband. She has actually consulted with several high-profile divorce lawyers on both coasts. The main issue here seems to be custody of their kid/s, whom the husband is intent on keeping. Thankfully, she’s gotten her parents involved, even though she had distanced herself from them over the past few years.

No It’s Not: Nicole Kidman.


I'm all giddy with hopeful excitment!


Also...who could this be:

CDAN - This C list actress and reality star with A list name recognition has been married for a little while to this celebutard. She might be finally catching on to the fact he is only after her money. How so? He wants her to foot the bill for a brand new $500K recording studio at their house.

*Has Ashley Simpson ever tried to act?*

Monday, April 13, 2009

She finally got fed up!

from yahoo news:

LOS ANGELES - Court records show Mel Gibson's wife has filed for divorce after 28 years of marriage.

Robyn Gibson filed the petition in Los Angeles , citing irreconcilable differences .

The petition doesn't give any details about the split. Robyn Gibson is seeking jewelry and some other property, and has suggested joint custody for their 9-year-old son.

The records show that the couple were married in June 1980.

*Stay tuned, there has to be another famous Mel drinking binge brewing*


Sunday, April 12, 2009

Anti Breezy song!

Just heard this while in San Antonio and wanted to share! CHRIS BROWN SHOULD GET HIS ASS KICKED! Name of the song is "My flow so Tight"

check it out: This track is worth paying for, proceeds go to women's shelters to combat domestic violence. Find it on iTunes.

BACK from San Antonio

It was relaxing and nice to see the nephew graduate from Air Force boot training! The family reminded me of why I moved away! Go to San Antonio and be sure to do two things: go see the Alamo and do the Riverwalk. I feel a bit lied to though, you see pics and hear the stories and watch movies of the Alamo and think that it sits in a lonely part of the desert with only dusty sand and wind whipping around it. This is not the case. It is very lush and green, lots of plants and trees growing around and it sits in the middle of a plaza surronded by cheap, trashy tourist shops and a few nice shops. But it is not in the middle of nowhere.

What did I learn about the Air Force? It seems they have weight restrictions now for boots. I don't understand because what if iwth your running and working out and lifting weights you gain muscle weight? Anyhow, what I learned was that they don't want excess weight on their Airmen so I have a new motto for the Air Force:

USAF: No boundaries, no fatties.

Here, have a kick in the penis: