Thursday, March 12, 2009


Iron Man 2 is sounding like it almost might be better than the first!! the Black Widow is absolutly awesome and ScarJo playing her will be full of WIN! from E!online news:

Scarlett Johansson is joining the superhero set.

Her rep confirms that the actress has signed on to play Black Widow in the Iron Man sequel opposite Robert Downey Jr. The deal was signed this afternoon.

"Scarlett is thrilled to be a part of Iron Man," her rep, Marcel Pariseau, tells me.

*oh yeah, if anyone cares:*

The Wrestler's comeback kid, Mickey Rourke, has finally sealed a deal to play villain Whiplash, according to Variety.


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Blind Item!!!

BuzzFoto - This actor has long been a target of speculation about his sexuality. Although he’s had several girlfriends, everyone is generally convinced he is G-A-Y! We have some information that makes us sure that he isn’t. He is indeed very straight. But perhaps his girlfriend should be less concerned about being in public to make him appear straight and pay better attention to his phone bills and who he’s calling for a little kinky conversation. He’s not calling men, if that’s what you’re thinking.

It’s not Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen.

Spin's guess: Toothy Tile.....I mean, Jake Gyllenhaal

Family Guy in trouble again!

I should really watch it more...altho....I do love you so, Seth MacFarlane! We should make babies!! from the live feed:

The Parents Television Council is filing an indecency complaint with the Federal Communications Commission against Fox's "Family Guy" for a March 8 episode that included -- and this is from the press release -- "bestiality, orgies and babies eating sperm."

Since there's nothing hotter than PTC president Tim Winter talking about graphic TV content, let's get right to his quote:

"Fox treated viewers to everything from an ‘eleven-way’ gay orgy to baby Stewie eating a bowl of cereal with horse sperm instead of milk ... if that isn’t enough, the show’s leading character is also shown fanaticizing about his wife and moaning while a horse licks his bare behind. Clearly, the explicit content was not isolated to one instance in one segment of the show; it permeated the entire program."

I know. I can't believe I missed "Family Guy" last week either.

And presumably Winter meant "fantasizing" not "fanaticizing," the latter meaning "to cause to become fanatic."

The PTC is urging its purported 1.3 million members to file FCC complaints against "Family Guy" as well. The organization has a history of taking issue with the show's content and series creator Seth MacFarlane was asked about the PTC last year:

"Oh, yeah. That’s like getting hate mail from Hitler. They’re literally terrible human beings. I’ve read their newsletter, I’ve visited their website, and they’re just rotten to the core. For an organization that prides itself on Christian values — I mean, I’m an atheist, so what do I know? — they spend their entire day hating people. They can all suck my d**k as far as I’m concerned."

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Diddy on Ellen

Frankly, Puffy, P Diddy, Piddly Diddly, whatever he calls himself these days, is a douche. Ellen asks him what's up with loaning his house to Chrianna. Also, if a friend hits somebody, you have just been given a 'FREE TO JUDGE' pass, Twitter or not.

Monday, March 9, 2009

PHUCK these ppl and their bbs. I can't even get out 1

Katie Holmes may be coming to the end of her Purification Rundown diet, but it seems she isn’t stopping there with her commitment to Scientology. I can reveal that the 30-year-old actress resolves problems with her husband Tom Cruise by making weekly written confessions, as laid out in the Scientology code.

‘Katie has to confess to something as minor as forgetting to tell him she has met with a friend,’ says a source. ‘If she commits a transgression against the moral code of their marriage, she has to tell Tom in writing, giving full details of the time and place and what happened.’

Katie is currently filming The Extra Man in New York but will return to Los Angeles in May to try for her second child.


The skeleton of a supposed vampire has been exhumed on Lazzaretto Nuovo Island in Venice.

It was found by Matteo Borrini of the University of Florence, who was excavating the mass graves of plague victims from the Middle Ages.

The skeleton was buried with a brick in its mouth, believed to be an ancient method of preventing plague-spreading "vampires" from passing on disease by chewing their shrouds.

Dr Borrini said: "This idea probably originated from the dribble of blood that often came from the mouths of plague victims when they died."

Peer Moore-Jansen of Wichita State University told New Scientist that while the discovery was exciting, he had found similar skeletons in Poland.

*from digital spy*

Sunday, March 8, 2009


It's amazing that the C of $ hasn't tried to sink their claws into this huge charitable opportunity....there's an entire army of children to be brainwashed right here and OctoMom could enjoy free publicity and readily available, around the clock stand in parents. Win win for the losers all around.

"This Woman Is Nuts": Octomom Births 2nd Ex Flack
Today 8:30 AM PDT by Jefferson Reid
Thompsett, Wordley,

They say any publicity is good publicity. But at this point, Octomom Nadya Suleman may be thinking any publicist is a good publicist. That's because she just had a second one quit on her, according to Us magazine.

Victor Munoz tells the mag's online outlet that he quit working for the Octuplet Mom Friday night, saying, "This woman is nuts...What ultimately destroyed the business arrangement was personal reasons."

He also says, "It just got to be too much. It's pretty much a free for all over there right now. They are freaking out right now."

The Octopulet mom's first publicist reportedly quit due to death threats, but Munoz apparently found the working environment to be be the real job killer.

"Not to sound arrogant, but those people depended on me for everything. You have no idea what I’ve had to do for these people."

*Brought to you by RDJ staring at you in the airport:*