Friday, June 29, 2012

Spin Sycle BIG WEEKEND July 2012

Hey Syclers!!  There's gonna be a lotta updates happening, ok?  it's like the gossip world exploded!  My gossipin' fangs have popped out, my gossip lust is strong and must be fed!!

If you haven't heard, Tom Cruise has lost his beard Katie Holmes, maybe due her contract being up.  rumors, rumors, rumors!!  Will she get primary custody?  Will there be a huge fight?  Did she catch Tom in the act?  WHAT HAPPENED!!! WILL TOM AND JOHN EVER HAVE FOOT MASSAGES TOGETHER??


The Five Year Mark

[BlindGossip] They have passed the five-year point, so the marriage is over! They are living separately, their public appearances as a couple are down to once or twice a month (tops), and any time together is as much about keeping the child/ren connected to the whole family as it is to be seen together for the paparazzi.
Here’s the timing for the announcement of the split: He has two big projects this year. She has already agreed to chip in and help promote the first project with red carpet appearances and positive interview mentions. If that occurs (and we believe it will), the official split will be announced during the summer lull. If she takes an additional payout and waits until after the second release, the announcement will be made approximately New Years 2013.
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It’s Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes! Source:
The situation is exactly as we described to you back in April 2012:
1. The five-year contract is up
2. They were already living separately
3. Their public appearances were down to once or twice a month
4. The timing of the announcement is taking place after they have finished promoting the first big project (Rock of Ages)
5. The timing of the announcement is during the summer lull (Announcing on a Friday afternoon of a holiday weekend is also a nice touch)
She rejected the additional payout to stick around for the promotions for Jack Reacher. Katie Holmes is out of there!
More later! Your initial thoughts?

Adele is having a baby!  Spin is depressed.

stay tuned!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Spin Sycle Weekend Edition

aww yeah!

Ann Curry has a broken heart

Matt Lauer's wife has a touch of crazy

Johnny Depp is dating Amber Heard?  upgrade?

Anna Paquin is having twins.  Spin is depressed.

Later Syclers!!