Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!!

or Fakesgiving, whatever the kids are calling it these days. Just for you:

and a few tidbits while you mentally digest that!

Courtney Love thinks Jamie Spears molested Britney

The Pussycat Dolls aren't speaking to Nicole S.

Rihanna is being paid large to perform New Year's Eve

and a coupla blind items just to make your day:

BuzzFoto – This story happened last year at a certain Celebrity’s Thanksgiving table. It’s no secret to the guests that came, but we still thought it was pretty interesting/strange and wanted to share it. Last year, this actress who has bragged about her cooking skills in the past, made a great Thanksgiving dinner for her friends and family. The dinner had a theme: Each guest was asked to bring a side dish laced with their favorite recreational drug of choice. The dinner was a hit, and full of crazy antics afterwards. Not Eva Longoria.

UPDATE: After this crazy Thanksgiving dinner, there was one guest who got very sick. We feel we should mention this so everyone knows (if they didn’t already) that the dinner was a VERY dangerous thing to do and we hope no one in their right mind is crazy or stupid enough to do anything close to it. The celeb apparently has had some fall-out for it, even from those who had participated and has lost some high-profile friends because of it.


BlindGossip – This celebrity couple is spinning some tall tales this Thanksgiving. They have each told their respective families that they can’t attend Thanksgiving with them because their spouse has a film commitment out of town and they need to accompany them. Not true. Neither of them are working that day. They are actually just turning off their phones and staying home. Just them and the kid/s… and one spouse’s Significant Other. How are they going to keep the kid/s quiet about how they really spent the holiday? Well, these two are such experienced liars, we’ll bet their genes have already been passed down to the next generation.

Monday, November 23, 2009


Watched this movie about Ian Curtis and Joy Division yesterday. Forgot how much I loved them. The movie...well, just another tragic story of love gone wrong and a punk rock star who couldn't deal with life. *sigh* RIP Ian. At least there's an echo of days where bands wrote their own songs because they had something to say and had talent to back it up. Here's Love will tear us apart: