Saturday, August 28, 2010

For your weekend lulz

Doggy and the Dolphin:  a friendship

Spin Sycle for August 28 2010

Pari$ does it again!  This time arrested for possession of cocaine!  Wonder if she'll bribe her way out of this one like what probably happened in South Africa

WTF is Nutraloaf?

Chris Brown is still bitter.  And Usher won't tour with him.  Stay pressed, asshole

So there will be an Expendables 2

Some strippers are actually smart?

It just doesn't seem like Jennifer Lopez and country clubs would go together

Despite being on a show called Weeds, Mary Louise Parker has never gotten stoned.

Funny as Hay-yell

This is a local thing but I wanted to share because of the lulz.  I 've always thought this guy was creepy and hated his commercials for carpel tunnel surgery.  Here's a clip from it:

And now, it seems he's pretty shady!  Beware when they tell you they'll "treat you like family":

HOUSTON – A well-known local doctor whose television commercials tout family values was not allowed to visit or communicate with his wife or children and was wearing an electronic monitoring bracelet Thursday after an arrest on a felony assault charge earlier this week.

In 2002, Brown was convicted of assaulting his then-pregnant former wife, Darlina, by beating her with a bed post and firing a handgun several times at her. At his trial, Darlina Brown said he held a gun to her head and she "knew he was going to kill me," according to The Courier of Montgomery County.

Brown founded the Brown Hand Center, which specializes in carpal tunnel surgery. In 2002, his medical license was revoked by the Texas Medical Board but reinstated with strict probation conditions for 10 years. Four years later, the board permanently revoked the license after he tested positive for cocaine.

read the full article here

Final rinse:  Douchey McRapeface should go away!  far far away!!!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Spin Sycle for August 26 2010

Just a personal note: were my mother still alive, my parents would have been married 60 years today!

But...isn't not saying you're pregnant mean that you're pregnant?  Mariah must be waiting for the three month mark

$1 million to get Lindsay Lohan on the radio?

Britney and little sister Jamie Lynn to have a double wedding?  Break out the moonshine!

Is Uma Thurman pregnant?

Fantasia is a whiny-ass whore who's dreary "suicide attempt" was just a desperate loud cry for attention.

OctoMom lost her house

Is Halle Berry pregnant again?

Lady Gaga has a male alter ego.  Must be seen to be believed.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Monday, August 23, 2010

Spin Sycle for August 23, 2010

Martin Short's wife died.  No snark, I feel horribly for him and his family.

Tiger and Elin are officially over.

Kanye West to give his songs away

Joe And Katherine Jackson to officially divorce

Lindsay Lohan is pissed and wants an apology.  Sounds like someone needs a hug! to become part of the Yahoo! family?