Thursday, June 4, 2009

Sad Day, Grasshopper

So strange....almost seems like the same way Micheal Hutchence of INXS died, no? From

BANGKOK/LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Actor David Carradine, star of the 1970s U.S. television show "Kung Fu," was found naked and hanging dead from a rope in the closet of his luxury Bangkok hotel room Thursday, Thai police said.

No signs were found of other people in the room and the body of the 72-year-old actor was sent to a hospital for an autopsy, police said. Results are expected on Friday.

"He was found hanging by a rope in the room's closet," Lieutenant Colonel Pirom Jantrapirom of the Lumpini police station in Bangkok told Reuters.

Carradine, from a family of performers and the eldest son of character actor John Carradine, enjoyed a long career on Broadway, television and in movies such as director Quentin Tarantino's "Kill Bill: Vol. 1" and "Kill Bill: Vol. 2."

Representatives for his Los Angeles-based talent manager said the actor was in Thailand to shoot a film called "Stretch," and while several media reports speculated his death may have been a suicide, a spokeswoman said neither they nor his family believed Carradine was capable of killing himself.

"His family is in shock," said Tiffany Smith of Carradine's management firm, Binder & Associates. "They have the same belief we have. There was no way David did this to himself."

Smith declined further comment pending the police report.

In his 1995 autobiography "Endless Highway," Carradine wrote that he tried to kill himself when he was 5 years-old.

The book also described his extensive drug use, ranging from LSD to cocaine, and ended with a chronicle of his efforts in the mid-1990s to get sober by attending a support group for alcoholics.


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Let the jokes begin!

I'll get a leg up here with hop along:

By Lara Martin, Entertainment Reporter

Rex Features
Heather Mills has admitted that she recently lost her leg in a supermarket after slipping on a wet floor.

The former model, who lost her left limb when she was hit by a police motorcycle in 1993, recounted the incident on her Twitter page.

"Slipped on spilled milk while being followed down supermarket aisle by two teenage boys, ended up on my ass but they rescued my leg and me," she wrote.


Point and laff moment!!!

Mel you are such a moron!!  from digital spy:

Mel Gibson reportedly lost control and lashed out at members of the church he attends in Agoura Hills, California on Sunday.

The actor berated the congregation after becoming upset with gossip surrounding his personal life, Radar Onlinereports.

"Mel’s completely lost it," one source said. "[His] holier than thou world is falling apart around him."

It it understood that the Lethal Weapon star paced back and forth, angrily telling the churchgoers that "he would not stand by and be judged and scrutinised".

"Mel got up on this stage - the altar - and went off," the insider added. "He tried to intimidate the parishioners by staring at everyone with his angry eyes. [He] even threatened to shut down the church if people kept gossiping about him.

"He created this mess, and now he’s trying to control it."

Gibson, 53, divorced his wife Robyn after 28 years of marriage in April. His current girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva is expecting their first child.


Monday, June 1, 2009

Blind Items!!!

CDAN - This A list comic movie actor is looking for a new assistant. The pay is six figures which is extremely high for an assistant. The reason it is so high? Well first of all there is travel 70% of the time and you have to deal with one of the most obnoxious, irritating, pains in the asses in the business. Our actor has tried to offer less money in the past but they all quit after a few days. As it is he can barely hang on to them for long.

BuzzFoto - Four years ago, this couple was the hot item in Hollywood. Everyone was crossing their fingers this relationship would last. The chemistry between the two were undeniable, and the popularity of the couple was pretty big. Why, oh why didn’t they last? For whatever reason, the agent of the female persuaded her to call it quits. Sounds like a modern-day Jane Austen novel. The female listened reluctantly and now the damage is done. We hear she wishes with all her heart that things were different.

Not Jessica Simpson or any of her beaus.