Thursday, June 18, 2009

And your blind item

from, the letter "B" for birth control and our dear sponsor White People Are The Only Folk Stupid Enough To Do Litters Of Kids All At Once:

When most couples divorce, they want it over with as quickly as possible so that they can move on with their lives, or for the sake of the children, or because lengthy divorces cost more money. Not this couple! They are currently negotiating to stretch out the divorce as long as possible. Even though they can’t stand each other - and have lived separately for a while now - as long as the family is somewhat intact, they both make a lot more money than they could with a regular job. Right now they are negotiating for two plus years of continued steady income. Yes, that’s right. He is just as motivated by the money as she.

Hugh Laurie

The BIIIG Announcement!

Dammit, I was so hoping that Jon & Kate were gonna announce that they had decided to resort to cannibalism....and start eating the kids. Live. Anyway, from radaronline:

It’s official. Jon and Kate Gosselinwill announce on Monday that they are divorcing, a source close to the situation exclusively.
The source says that Kate recently met with a divorce lawyer. Another source told that the couple had previously agreed to separate by July 15.

But that timetable has now been pushed forward.

Kate previously took the sextuplets on vacation to North Carolina without Jon, who was accused of having an affair with Deanna Hummel. Her brother discussed the relationship publicly in a tell-all with Us Weeklymagazine.

Jon and Kate were photographed together Wednesday for the first time in a while.

But they have been talking divorce for quite some time, the source told, and the decision was recently finalized to announce it.

After being caught with Deanna Hummel, Jon was then spotted with Hailey Glassman, the daughter of Kate’s plastic surgeon. Sources have told that their relationship is ongoing.


*Really? Honestly? On TV? How fucking stupid is that? What a rating s racket, especially with a fight going on with the OctoMom!*

update 6/22:

It’s not a surprise, but it’s still dramatic.

Confirming’s exclusive report from last week, the Gosselins filed legal papers Monday to end their 10-year marriage.

Hours before the papers were filed, Jon Gosselin told in an exclusive video interview that he hadn’t seen his wife Kate in four days, didn’t know where she was or who she was with. He said he was treating Monday like any other day.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Nicole Richie Busts 'Em Up!

from E!

It's over.

After Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson reconnected last month following their split in April, the couple has once again broken up.

The duo broke things off again Monday night after a nasty argument. One major point of friction between the two was Sam's friendship with Nicole Richie, who's reportedly no fan of Lohan.

"Nicole refuses even to be in the same room as Lindsay," says a source, noting that just last week Nicole invited Sam to a mutual friend's birthday party at Bar Marmont with the stipulation that she not bring Lindsay. "Sam went to the party, and it really upset Lindsay," says the source.

After Sam had dinner with Nicole at Izakaya last night, a source says she gave Linds the kiss-off via a not-so-nice text...

In the text, exclusively obtained by E! News, Ronson harshly tells Lohan to she no longer wants to have contact with her.

Sam's rep declined to comment on her personal life, and Richie's rep could not be reached for comment.

*seems like Daddy Lohan wins, huh?*

Busted up!

Like it's any surprise. But here's info from radaronline:

It was never a match made in heaven and the revelations in the documents filed in the Usher divorce case show just how badly the singer's relationship with Tameka Foster Raymond had broken down long before he decided to legally end it.

In what can only be described as a legal understatement, the document proclaims: "The marriage between the parties is irretrievably broken. There is no reasonable hope of reconciliation."

Usher - full name Usher Raymond -- is now requesting complete disclosure of all documents his bridge maintained since their Aug. 3, 2007 wedding, and that includes detective reports, voice and video recordings that may be the product of "surveillance or investigation."

Usher also claims that the pair split last July, a mere 11 months after saying "I do."

He's asking the Fulton County (GA) Superior Court to award him joint custody of their two children. Usher and Naviyd.