Saturday, March 24, 2012

Spin Sycle Weekend Edition

How's it going, Syclers?  Keeping out of trouble?  Or at least getting into FUN trouble?

you should know about the awesomeness of the Eagles

Jon Gosselin doesn't miss Kate.  At. All.

Ziggy Stardust to be reissued for 40th anniversary.  Thus is the will of God David Bowie

Kim Kardashian is pressed, needs to get on with her life.  O wait, then she'd not be able to garner every drop of publicity from this.  Maybe she should thank her flour bomber.

Did Drake get married?

I don't think Miley Sycrus is engaged.  That doesn't look like a real diamond to me

Have an awesome weekend, Syclers!!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Spin Sycle for Friday, March 23 2012

Hey Syclers!  How are you?  Do you think that ducks mourn?  Yesterday I saw a duck that had died in this canal that I walk each day.  Poor thing.  Today when I walked by that spot, several ducks were at that spot, in the water, just hanging around where the dead duck had been.  Mourning for their own?

Here's Madonna's latest video, "Girl Gone Wild"

Coke and drowning made Whitney Houston die. Let the conspiracy theories fly!

Hillary Duff finally popped out a boy

Reese Witherspoon to have baby #3

Is Ashton Kutcher tappin Rihanna's ass?

Here's the video that Madonna very likely was inspired by, Kazaky's "Love"

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spin Sycle for Wednesday, March 21 2012

Having a great Spring so far, Syclers?  You know what Spring leads to, right?  No, all that spring cleaning!  What were you thinking?

The Duggars drag out their big bag o' propoganda

Kim Zolciak is pregnant again.  yawn

Some other bitch is pregnant again too

Is Katy Perry pressed?

Peyton Manning is in, Tim Tebow is out.  HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Ha Ha Guy -  U mad?

Tell me that this photo does not look WEIRD like the Snake Queen swallowed a goat

Here's Beyonce post baby weight

Kirk Cameron just cannot, for the life of him, understand all the hate.  poor thing.

Omar Shaif Jr.  is gay and half Jewish.  Your move, Egypt

Chow Down (at Chik-fil-A)

Monday, March 19, 2012

Spin Sycle for Tuesday, March 20 2012

Hey Syclers!  Know what I'm having for dinner? Potato chips and peanut butter/chocolate fudge.  I'm on a binge, whatever.

Snoop Dogg made a mixtape that is awesome, FOR FREE and just for you!  Yes, you!

Lamar Odom finally sick of reality TV.....what does this mean for his marriage to the Hulk/Khloe?

Rosie and Oprah are not speaking

Lady Gaga to shut up for a while

OWN in trouble?  Guess what, Oprah....that audience you so depended on for support didn't follow you cuz they can barely afford basic cable.  Nobody's paying extra just for your crap channel.

"Desperate Housewives" mistrial

Blind Item
[Hollywood Dame] What celebrity father hasn’t seen his kid since she was born? He showed up for the birth and wrote a big check to keep the mother happy, but has been too busy dating models almost half his age to spend time with the tot. It seems cruel, but at least the child support checks still show up.