Thursday, June 2, 2011

Gone off to fap

Bradley Cooper parle le francais!!!  oh my Syclers!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Spin Sycle for Thursday June 2 2011

What's up Syclers?
Kim Kardashian and boyfriend Kris Humphries get close at an NBA All-Star Game after party hosted by her sister Kloe at Club Nokia

So it seems Kim K is pregnant.  Yes, the world is going to end.  There is no end to her media whoredom is there?  So did Kris the giant get her pregnant and then decide to do the right thing?  I think Kim K did it on purpose, she could have gotten pregnant with Reggie Bush to try to get him to marry her but instead she found someone she can boss around and who is happy to have the media attention.  Whores.  Can you imagine the two of them going at it?  Wait, do you want to imagine that?  So is Khloe pissed?  U mad, Paris?

It's bad enough that Kim is so stupid as to give up her name when they marry.  Don't jump on my shit, she has a brand and to change her name is to kill her brand.  I suppose her "career" is about over anyway but that is a stupid move on her part.  

But then here, she claims she isn't pregnant.  What do you think?  Tell me in the comments!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Spin Sycle for Wednesday, June 1 2011

Lady GaGa concertImage via Wikipedia
Happy Hurricane season, Syclers!!

Tori Spelling is still pregnant

Comicbook geeks:  DC comics ----> Restarting every superhero comic at #1

Lady Gaga went bankrupt?

Vanessa Paradis sports her engagement ring from Johnny Depp

No more McDreamy

Needs Bleach
No. Just no.  Stop it with the Hangovers already.

Do we really need any more Star Wars?  Really?


BlindGossip – This recording artist has had a very successful solo career for the past few years, and has also collaborated with both black and white artists on other projects. At least one of his albums has been #1 on Billboard, and he has had multiple Grammy nominations/wins. But while he may be a great artist, he’s not a great guy. He has had legal problems in the past, but there are two secrets that he has managed to keep from the public.
The first big secret is that he is in the habit of hiring hookers, having sex with them, and then beating them up. This is one seriously angry guy. The second big secret is that these are male hookers he’s been hiring, not female. Yes, this recording artist is gay.
Not 50 Cent
*Spin's guess - Chris Brown*

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