Friday, July 15, 2005

*sigh* happy birthday to me....

it's a few days late, happy birthday to me....i almost forgot it....i was so busy calling around about a job, i almost forgot my own birthday. i forgot to do something for myself. one more year closer to decrepitude.

you know, I am constantly amazed at how, as a species, it seems that one of our primary functions is to take things like experiences and personalize them. Let's take movies for an example. When you watch a movie, you can't just watch, you see it in your own perspective, your own personal filter and determine if you liked it or not, whether it was good or bad, depending on how you personalize it. By this I mean that you ask yourself (probably without knowing it), "what does this mean to me, how do I relate to this?" This is how fans are made, being a very deep level of relating a story that people deeply personalize. I wonder how in life this works, that maybe if we spend too long personalizing everything that we forget to relate to each other. We take so much time thinking about how everything effects us that we lose the big picture. I think it's easy to get lost in our own personal meaning of things and this is where we end up in arguments over trivial items, we are so lost in our personal experience that we can no longer relate and share experiences. Maybe we should try to be a little less serious and try a little less to internalize everything that we encounter. But that's just my thought.

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