Saturday, September 24, 2005

Hurricane Rita part 3

Hurricane hit about midnight, saturday am.... Slept badly, kept waking up. Lots of wind, not much rain. Rain picked up more about 2am. Pine trees behind our house got blown around a lot but held their own. Still had electricity.

2:45 am to about 3:30 am central. Electricity flickered on & off

3:30 am to 4:00 am central. Lost power. Very heavy, loud winds. Sounded a lot like a wind tunnel or if you were on the beach, the volume on the waves was turned up all the way.

10:30 am central. It's like an October storm in Indiana, all grey & windy & rainy. Lots of water falling.

2:00 pm central. Rain over, more light throught the clouds, winds are a strong thunderstorm. Still no power. Can't see reason for no power. Winds still heading SSE.

3:30 pm central. Got power back. Still wearing PJ's & don't care.

4:00 pm central. It's all over, power back on, water back on, sunny outside. A/c going.

The lizard in my large bromeliad weathered the storm well. I saw him this afternoon.

We took very little damage, I don't think we even lost a shingle.
We are doing well, having a happy hurricane party. Life is good.

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