Monday, March 13, 2006

Brit & K-fool

Ok, I, like many many people, am very hard on the guy. No love. But for a brief moment, let me be the devil's advocate.

Man-man (for lack of a better name) and I were recently watching E! tv with brit & that person on it, how they met etc. Man-man brought up a good point, given that E! was trying to not put on neg spin, or at least try to stay neutral.

Maybe K-fool just makes her feel special, maybe it's just that simple. For all her money and fame, maybe that's what it is that she sees in him. (I know, *BARF* but bear with me.....just put all that you think of HIM aside....just humor me)

Maybe he's just fucked any way he goes. Like, in the eyes of us all, what is a husband of a very famous popstar supposed to do?

I have a thought on this:
stop trying. She's made her money. Look, Brit, let's face it, you're in family mode now, the career is OVER.
Kevin, you know, we all know, you married the golden goose, for better or worse. Don't try to impress anybody with any supposed talent you claim to have. (Stay with me....)

Here's what you should do: Brit's singing and dancing days are over but she still has her name. the two of you can do one thing on this planet that would actually make a difference, put you in good graces with public opinion and in the long run, make you more $$$.
Help unknown, struggling talent out there get discovered. Produce. Go into PRODUCTion! Make your own label, you already have a studio, help somebody else out. Do children's summer camps for whoever, abused, less fortunate, whoever......have a camp for young kids to learn a little singing, dancing, get a little special attention for just a few days to have lifetime memories. You've made your money and you've made a name. It's time for you to help somebody.

The two of you could work together and promote yourselves as well as giving new talent a chance too. How cool would it be to promote your own label, be able to say that you gave someone their start, their needed push into the spotlight?

Final rinse: Think about it guys, seriously.

you now have permission to go back into hate mode.

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