Monday, May 8, 2006

Blaine's bullshit aquarium

Fucker should have drowned, it would have been more entertaining!!!

CRAP!!!! TOTAL CRAP!!! HE DIDN"T EVEN MAKE 8 1/2 minutes!!! It was 7 minutes, 8 seconds! HE had someone holding his nose the last seconds, he wasn't even holding his breath himself!!! TOTAL CRAP!!! WASTE OF TIME!!!
He DID NOT break the record! Blaine only proved that he's STILL A DOUCHEBAG!!!!

oh yeah...that's a week of media hype taken away from my life and I want it back dammit!


Anonymous said...

it still better than you could have done

SpiN said...

There's a difference see....I never claimed that I could and he did!

and you're right, I don't get paid for crap....and I like real illusionists like Harry Houdini who, were he alive, expose this shyster as nothing more than a glorified monkey.

Anonymous said...

Hey Spin... I am the infamous anonymous of Dlisted! Cool site,But I have to say I love David Blaine;)

SpiN said...

it's ok anonymous! i forgive you! :D ;)