Friday, September 22, 2006

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source: ONTD:

nate, luke and i headed to paris's house where it was just nutso. everyone was there.

'i hate brandon davis i kicked him out of my house! i hate him....!'

oh by the way this is paris, nicky, and lindsey lohan talking by the pool.

'look paris i just want all this drama to stop' 'dont believe anything they say lins!!!! theyll say anything its not true. fuck brandon and fucking firecrotch shit. we love you so much.'

'you look so hot btw'

-lindsey laughs-


but to continue yes lots a hilarious dialogue heard from the party. i dont think i should really go more into detail than that about the conversations... they were kind of disgusting. especially nicky, shes really raunchy.... pole dancing with perez and i! and she kept calling everyone in the bathroom a coke whore, which was probably true but still.

i just laughed lounging on the emilio pucci couch, and then we headed back upstairs to sit on the fendi couches. p.s. paris's underwear were laying around the bathroom everywhere. it was kind of cute but..... kind of not at all.

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