Friday, September 29, 2006

Lindsay denying split

off of X17:

We caught up with La Lohan at the Ivy today where she lunched with semi-boyfriend Harry Morton and on her way in she told us she's still "with" him. When asked about her rumored hookup(s) with Stavros she said ... well, check it out ...(video available at X17)

and off of TMZ:

Though Lindsay Lohan told cameras on Monday she's still with boyfriend Harry Morton, he's got a different story.

"Lindsay is an amazing girl and we're just sort of taking a little breather right now," Morton told "EXTRA" correspondent Carlos Diaz, adding the two are "slowing things down." The pair garnered a lot of attention from the paparazzi, something Morton took issue with.

He tells Diaz, "There's just a lot of pressure sometimes, it can screw things up, the media getting involved, it always makes it more difficult."Harry's also slamming reports he bought La Lohan an engagement ring in August while cameras caught him shopping at Cartier. His actual purchase that day -- a lighter.

Though his personal life may be having a rough patch, his Pink Taco restaurant chain is taking off. With one in Las Vegas and another in Scottsdale, AZ, Morton plans to expand the chain to at least six other locations, with one in Los Angeles opening in January 2007.

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