Wednesday, September 6, 2006

OVER before it starts!!!

Cuz the bitch doesn't know when to keep her yap shut.

off of IDLYITW:

Jessica Simpson is Single. Again.

Seemingly over before it even began, John Mayer and Jessica Simpson have reportedly already split. According to Page Six, and your deductive reasoning, John Mayer is already sick of her.

...Mayer has already dumped Simpson, because, insiders say, she and her pals are too loose-lipped for the reclusive Mayer. One person in the Mayer camp told Us Weekly the relationship "was a 2 [that] her camp spun into an 11 . . . [Mayer] thinks it's desperate . . . an attempt to stay in the spotlight."

It's hard to argue this when these two had been dating for less than a month before Jessica was on the cover of People magazine saying, "I'm in love!" Jesus, have some dignity. Or at least show a little respect.

Most doctors would agree that this type of thing would make you look like an idiot. Sorry, doctors, Jessica Simpson doesn't have time for your science and logic. She's clearly a genius. If she gets any smarter, she'll be able to tie her shoes or count back change.

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