Friday, December 29, 2006

500 POSTS!!!!

I MADE IT!!!! *balloons and confetti* HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!!!

At any rate, here's something off of ONTD, because BloHan just doesn't make an ass of herself enough, now it's being suggested she do it politically too!!!

Maybe she can be "adequite" there.


Singer/actress Lindsay Lohan is being encouraged by the New York State Independence Party (NYSIP) to run for local government in 2009.

The NYSIP's FRANK MORANO believes Lohan could bid for New York City Public Advocate - a position next in line to the mayor, which links the electorate and city government.

Morano writes, "As Albany is currently a cesspool of corruption, badly in need of reform, you may also want to consider a bid for the state legislature.

"Many celebrities have made the transition from Hollywood to politics, ranging from ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER and JESSE VENTURA to SONNY BONO and RONALD REAGAN. Few if any though, had the enormous potential that you possess."


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