Tuesday, January 2, 2007

First post for the New Year!!!!

and what the hell! Seems Justin Timberlake might be on the market!


off of Janet Charlton's Hollywood:

There was some VERY interesting gossip floating around one LA nightclub on New Year's Eve, but we don't know whether it's absolute fact or the booze talking. Since this IS a gossip site we feel compelled to pass it on to you and let YOU be the judge: fact or fiction. Undoubtedly, it will prove itself either way in the near future. Anyway, here we go. After a few cocktails, a friend of Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz remarked that "they broke up almost two weeks ago." (the last time WE saw them together was at Justin's SNL appearance two weeks ago.) Then, the so-called source dropped the REAL BOMB - he predicted that Justin would eventually hook up with Scarlett Johansson. - implying that something was already going on between them. For your information, Scarlett spent New Year's at Hyde with her girlfriends, looking bored. It's Hollywood - anything can happen.

and off of ONTD:

Justin Timberlake and pizza-faced Cameron Diaz have been denying rumors that their sick relationship is done. Well, they didn’t help matters by spending their New Years apart. Star Magazine reports that Justin was with his family at their home in Tennessee while Cameron was skiing with her family in Colorado.Justin also spent his Christmas in Tennessee where he told friends at a local club, “Me and Cameron? We’re done.”He is apparently spending his time with a longtime family friend, Veronica Finn. She’s a local real estate broker in Tennessee. Justin partied with her over the holiday and she apparently stayed at his mother’s house a few nights. Sources claim the two are just friends even though they are very affectionate with each other.

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