Monday, January 22, 2007


This off the gossip god's site, Ted C......I think it speaks for itself:

Oh, girlfriends, get ready!

The Suri Holmes-Cruise rumor mill is back in action. Get a load of the latest one I'm hearing about TomKat's din-din out at Cut a week ago. Ready to dig in?

According to a nearby, terribly observant, good-looking type, the veddy famous newlyweds appeared to be celebrating Suri's one-year anniversary. 'Cause they sure were giving her some awfully nice gifties! B-day time already? Now, that wouldn't make very much sense, would it, considering Suri-doll was supposedly born on Apr. 18 (although we never saw a birth certificate until 20 days later)? That'd be about four months off, right? 'Course, I've never been terrific with math, but you get the somethin's-fishy drift, I'm sure.

Certainly if you buy into the conspiracy theories that Chris Klein is really the dad and Suri was actually born way earlier than April, then that'd be right on track. But of course, Camps Cruise and Klein have denied this one for ages.

But like I said, this birthday biz appears to be the latest TomKat tumult getting ready to hit—just wanted everybody to be prepared. Isn't that way thoughtful of me?
Let's remember a few points: it is perfectly acceptable to those within the C of $ to lie to outsiders. There is a huge flaming elephant of a rumor that Suri's real father is a cameraman. I also find the convenience in timing that Tom was in Germany the week before Suri was "born". That is probably nothing....after all it makes more sense that she was actually more likely born in January than in April.

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