Saturday, February 3, 2007

More Pari$ Exposed!

Click on the link in the headline to go to a very good compiled collection of Pari$'s meds, abortion (miscarriage) papers and partying on film, courtesy of free! It's a good place to see it all right now since, according to TMZ, an injunction has been passed to temporarily stop

I especially like the vids showing Paris smoking pot and calling an Asian guy "the chink" and saying that she has the "best herb". And it's kind of funny that sister Nicky is supposed to be the "clean one" but she's all in on the same stuff!

Apparently, Pari$'s father and a lawyer are working feverishly to have all this stuff wiped off the web. I can't exactly say why I just have to watch all this, maybe it's freudenshaude....where I can point and laugh at her....but I'm going to do my best to help keep the exposure up on all this as long as I can! This bitch is dumb and deserves it! After all, if you had stuff that you didn't want anyone to see or know about, why put it in a storage facility and not pay the bill? Why not put it at mom and dad's for free? A nice expensive and humilitating lesson for her. Now we all know and they can't stop all 14 million of us!

Update: and are officially down!

*The lovely graphic was generously supplied by Scout*

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