Wednesday, April 18, 2007

*Falls Over From Laughter*

Larry Dickhead swingin both ways!!!

off of I'm Not Obsessed:

Larry Birkhead’s secret gay lover has sold the scoop about their relationship to Star Magazine. His name is Kerrick Ross and I am not sure how much money he got paid… but BOY did he spill the beans.

“I was Larry Birkhead’s secret gay lover! America doesn’t know the whole story about Larry Birkhead. He apparently had sex with Anna Nicole and fathered her baby, but there is no question: He also had sex with me!”

Curious where they met? ME TOO! Apparently, they met at a cocktail party in Louisville a few years ago. Kerrick has been ‘out’ for a very long time. He confessed that Larry asked him to keep quiet about the affair.

“We were together for about two months and had sex eight to 10 times, always at my apartment. He often spent the whole night with me. I had been ‘out’ for a long time, but Larry was not out of the closet — and he was terrified about his family, who were devout Southern Baptists, finding out he was having a gay relationship.

He was especially afraid of his father finding out. He said, ‘If my Dad knew about this, he would kill me!’

Obviously Birkhead’s lawyers are saying this is simply untrue.

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