Saturday, April 14, 2007

Is Blohan gettin her Lezzz on?

This off of JJ's Blog:

Celebrity stories told like no other. None of the information comes from 'sources' it comes directly from the horses mouth, Jonathan Jaxson. Jaxson is a former Hollywood publicist turned blogger and upcoming author.

Lindsay Lohan dating DJ Friend Samantha Ronson
Yes, it is true. At least from all my sources. I have been part of 5 cover stories for the National Enquirer regarding Lindsay Lohan. She actually has always been quite open. I would love to name all the young Hollywood she has slept with, but I will keep that for the 'book.' Maybe she was tired of the boys and that is why she decided to spice it up with BFF Samantha Ronson. Here she gets a boy and a girl packaged all into one. Now I would have no bad things to say about either if Samantha wasn't deeply involved in alcohol and drugs. Not the best influence for a rehabbed Lindsay Lohan.

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