Saturday, May 5, 2007

How I spent my Summer Vacation, by Pari$ Hilton

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A rep for Los Angeles City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo has released a statement to TMZ in support of the decision to sentence Paris Hilton to 45 days in jail. "City Attorney Delgadillo believes today's ruling sends a clear message that in the City of Los Angeles, no one is above the law."

Moments after Paris Hilton was sentenced to serve 45 in the clink, TMZ learned that her mother, Kathy, rushed over to the lead prosecutor and lashed out, "I want your autograph. This is pathetic." In the same breath, as she walked out of the courtroom, Kathy looked up and said, "I can't believe all the money we spent on this."

While her pals are hanging in Malibu or the Hamptons, Paris will be spending 45 fun-filled days and nights with 2200 of her closest female felons at Century Regional Detention Facility (CRDF).

Reopened in March, 2006, CRDF is located in beautiful Lynwood,Calif. -- just minutes from nearby Compton! While Mr. Chow takeout isn't available, according to the AP, CRDF does serve three low-sodium poultry based meals a day. Yum!

For her own safety, Paris will most likely be segregated from the rest of her prison pals and live in a one or two-person cell. Cozy.

During her days at Chez Clink, Paris will get just one hour a day to shower, exercise, watch TV or talk on the phone. And sorry to say, Blackberries are not allowed. Oh, the humanity!

As for wardrobe choices, Paris will have the option of one of four different colored jumpsuits. Depending on how she is classified and where she is housed in the facility, Paris could don a blue, brown, white or classic orange one-piece from the House of Detention collection. Paris better get crackin', because with June 5 fast approaching, it gives her just one month to plan her kick-ass going away party!
"I just want to say I'm sorry," Hilton told the judge.
After he revealed her sentence Paris wept in the courtroom.


Yeah, the reality is that while she is going to serve time, she is a Celebutard and you know there is some bitch on the inside who wants to be known as "That fierce bitch who shanked Pari$" Pari$ite won't be sharing a cell with anybody and will be kept away from the general population. Unless, of course, somebody bribes a guard to turn their head for a moment....(graphic courtesy of Scout's awesome skills!!) Oh and I'm certain that Pari$ wept because she got caught...not because she truly regretted her actions.

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