Saturday, May 12, 2007


Think there is freedom of speech? Think that the movies you go to see are the intended work of the writers, directors and actors? Think that the rating system doesn't make a difference in what films you are presented to watch? Think again! This movie shows how full of shit the MPAA really is and how they have a stranglehold on the film industry. "This film is not yet rated" is an inside look at how movies are rated and the fights that directors must go through to bring their visions to you. It shows how controlled it all is, all the way to the MPAA appeals board, which is run by the motion picture distributor presidents and CEO's in the country. You watch what they want you to see. Be angry. Support Indie film! SEE THIS MOVIE!!! Then go rent a bunch of foreign film to make a fair comparison because there are other views of film!!! One I personally recommend and enjoy is an Italian movie called "Cemetary Man." Thank me later!

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