Thursday, July 26, 2007

Victoria Beckham is a Cheap Bitch

Off of Crazy Days & Nights:

Hey Posh, you are in the US now. Over here in the US we like to tip the fine people that bring us our food. The fact that this has morphed into having to tip everyone from the dry cleaner to the local Blockbuster store employees is irrelevant to this discussion. The people that serve your food and listen to you complain about every last item on the menu deserve you doing more than dashing out the door to your Bentley while stiffing them on the tip entirely.

You weren't just being a cheap bitch and leaving 10% or some small change, you totally stiffed them. After they slaved for you and your petty demands for TWO hours and had to look into the vacant eyes of Katie Holmes for the same period of time as she mumbled "Tom is good. Tom is good," the least you could do is tip 15%. With the $25M a year your husband makes and the $20M you are getting for the Spice Girls reunion, you should be leaving bunches more than 15%.

Then, to make matters worse, the waitress who was rightfully pissed went after you to call you the worthless cheap bitch you deserved and was manhandled by your security staff.
You have pissed off not only the staff at Asia de Cuba but, the entire serving community here in LA and you may want to investigate thoroughly every morsel on your plate before eating. I also encourage you to tip in advance and to go back to the nice waitress you stiffed and give her $1000 or so and naked photos of your husband.

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