Sunday, July 15, 2007

When Lesbians Attack!!!

off of TMZ:

Lindsay Lohan gal pal Samantha Ronson is suing Perez Hilton and Sunset Photo and News Agency for libel -- to the tune of $20 million!

According to the Daily News, the Sapphic celebrity DJ is miffed that both sites claimed she was making money by tipping off paparazzi on special friend Lohan. She's also taking issue with both sites' reports that Ronson was responsible for the cocaine found in LiLo's car the night of her most recent crash.

Neither Perez nor Sunset have publicly responded to the claims.

and this from Out Zone:

A former bodyguard of star-crossed starlet Lindsay Lohan has spoken out about her post-party lesbian trysts. According to Lee Weaver, a former protector of the troubled redhead who quit when her wild ways became too much for him to bear, Lindsay had a real penchant for girls over the last two years.

“She used boys for drugs and girls for thrills. I lost count of the women she took back to her hotel room from clubs.”

*so that's a former bodyguard selling her out but how did this get leaked?* caught wind of the story that the MySpace page for fully rehabbed Lindsay was hacked into, revealing a lesbian love message.

Lohan was said to be using the popular site to keep in touch with friends during her stint at the Promises rehab centre in Malibu. Allegedly, she also used the page to declare her love for her long though romantic interest DJ Samantha Ronson.

“Babe, if I don’t have you in my life then I should just go die. I want to marry you and have children with you.” To which Ronson is purported to have replied, “Go to bed babe. I love you Lindsay Ronson.”

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