Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Owen, Owen, Owen....

You crazy, silly fool...why couldn't you realize that you were the rebound guy and not the for real guy? I still love you tho....

off of crazy days & nights:

Last night I had a discussion with a woman who spoke to Owen several times over the past few weeks, was at his home this past week and has been in touch with Owen's brother Andrew over the past few days. This is what she had to say, almost word for word. Some of it is in the tabloids, but much of it isn't. This is a woman who has worked on several Wilson brother films and is very close to all three of them.

Owen did indeed try to commit suicide over Kate, but its not totally her fault. They WERE in love. Because of Kate's divorce, she was the one insisting that everything stay very down-low and approached the situation like "will my big strong boyfriend protect me from the gossips?", which is why he went way overboard and threatened to sue anyone that talked about their relationship breaking up her marriage to Chris Robinson. Owen was pestering Kate to marry him.

She was VERY committed to Owen and their relationship, but had no intention of agreeing to marriage seeing as how she married so young and wasn't even divorced yet . This made Owen very frustrated and he acted out by leaving her every so often and messing with other girls. She eventually got tired of the yo-yoing and broke up with him for real.

Like most volatile type relationships, they were still messing around even though they never really got back together. One of those "they love each other so much they can't stay away, but neither is willing to do what it takes to make the relationship really work" type of things. So this was going on until Kate went crazy for Dax Shepard. Its killing Owen because Kate is obviously head over heels for Dax. She is even putting Dax ahead of her own son, which she wouldn't do for Owen (remember she insisted the relationship be kept quiet for her son's sake). She's even whispering to friends that Dax is "the one" and she might marry him f he asked and it got back to Owen. She stopped taking Owen's calls and no more booty calls, so Owen went into a pretty bad depression.

Contrary to popular opinion, Owen is as moody and dark as his brother Luke, he's just not dramatic with it. He just gets very quiet and withdrawn when he's low and is not an asshole about it. Also contrary to opinion, Owen is not a doper. He'll take a toke or snort a line to be sociable, but he's not a regular user and he does not offer it in his home when he has parties and stuff. So the whole drug thing isn't really true. He did take some pills and mix it with alcohol (maybe more stuff, not sure) to try to "go to sleep", which is what he told his brother Andrew. My contact says as far as she knows it was just pills, but its possible that he may have slit his wrists as well, but she doesn't believe he did.

She's going to try and find out today and let me know tonight. Owen has been drunk and hiding in his house for a week or more and his brother was there just to kinda keep an eye on him. She also said that Andrew had called several friends including her to come by to try to cheer him up or talk sense into him, which is how she knows this has been going on for at least a week, but Owen refused to see anyone, and just stayed locked up in his room.

So in summary of what I've been told, Owen went into a depression over losing Kate for real, even though its his fault as well. His suicide attempt was more of an immature "you won't come back to me so I'm going to kill myself" thing. Not that attempted suicide for that reason is not serious, but the loss of the relationship is more than half his fault and Kate probably shouldn't be totally blamed for it.

Oh yeah, as an addition. Luke really did have a thing for Kate as well, though nothing happened between him and Kate. Just some sibling rivalry BS really.

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