Thursday, September 20, 2007

Kind of sux doesn't it?

When stuff comes back to bite you in the ass, huh Becks? Wait, Becks stuck his dick in that ugly hooker? Gads! and Posh has a pig nose!

off of Hollywood Scoop:

David and Victoria Beckham may be the picture of perfection now, but back in 2004 David's naughty affair with the nanny made international headlines. Looks like scandal is about to find the Beckham's again.

Rebecca Loos, the nanny that David porked is planning on moving to LA in attempt to launch her acting career. Typical right? David's wifey Victoria Beckham is said to be furious about the news.

A source to Posh told Britain's Star magazine: "Rebecca going to Los Angeles is Victoria's worst nightmare." The source continued, "One of the reasons the Beckham's moved there in the first place is because David felt like he owed Victoria after the whole Rebecca scandal. The fact that the past is coming back to haunt them will devastate Victoria.

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