Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Oh My!

Off of

Jealous, insecure Angelina JolieIt just goes to show, you can be considered the hottest woman on Planet Earth, steal the hottest guy from the hottest sitcom star, and adopt children from all the hottest third world countries, and still suffer from severe insecurity. So it seems for Angelina Jolie, who, according to Life & Style magazine, is so unconfident, she sneaks peeks at Brad Pitt’s e-mail. Not only that, “Brad says Angelina is so insecure, he’s caught her going through his pockets on more than one occasion,” one Pitt family insider told the magazine.

When confronted, Angelina apparently refused to talk about it like an adult. “She turns everything on its head and tries to make Brad the villain,” said the Life & Style insider. “She accuses him of still being hung up on Jennifer Aniston and of not wanting Angie to see the e-mails he’s sending to his ex-wife.” Brad was so frustrated after one argument, the source said, he told his sister Julie that he was done with Angie.

He didn’t leave her, however. According to a friend of Angelina’s, he came up with a compromise. “Brad asked Angie to consider making their relationship an open one,” Angelina’s friend told Life & Style. “His idea is that when they’re apart, he can be with other women and she can be with other people.”

*Where do you sign up for that train?*

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