Saturday, September 8, 2007

Quick Bits!

Off of gossip rocks:

Kate Hudson has been barred from getting in touch with ex-boyfriend Owen Wilson as he recovers from his recent suicide attempt. The New York Daily News says the actress's attempts to get in touch with the troubled star have been rebuffed by Wilson's entourage on the grounds that they "don't think Kate is good for him"

"Kate has been trying to get in touch with Owen and is distraught that the family doesn't want her anywhere near him," the Daily News sites a source as saying. "She is very frustrated."

Hudson and Wilson began a romance after shooting the hit comedy You, Me and Dupree but the relationship failed despite their best efforts, including a visit by Wilson to Australia while Hudson shot Fool's Gold in Australia last year. Wilson was hospitalised in Los Angeles last week after a suicide attempt that was incorrectly attributed to a drug overdose.

Samuel L. Jackson gave paparazzi hanging around Wilson's hospital a verbal lashing while visiting the recovering Wedding Crashers star. "I came here to visit Owen Wilson, get the **** away from me, alright," he said to waiting celebrity photograhers. When one paparazzo apparently apologised, Jackson fired up again. "Yeah, everybody's sorry, why the **** are you guys here?" he said. When the cameramen said they were "there for the story", Jackson sarcastically asked "what story is that?"


Maybe we were a little quick to accuse Jennifer Aniston of crashing Courteney Cox's Hawaiian family vacation. To hear Star magazine tell it, she bought their love fair and square, just like Richard Gere bought Julia Roberts. "Jennifer pays for everything all the time," a source tells Star. "If she plans a vacation, you know she's footing the bill for her entire entourage."

The list of perks when you join Explore With Aniston™ includes booze, air, a car service, accommodations, food, booze, activities, spa treatments, booze and pretty outfits. "She's like the sugar daddy everyone wishes they had, except she's a woman!" a very excited source says.

"You could call her sugar mama!" Well, maybe you could if she had babies. This is around the spot where this story started to sound like Friends fan-fiction, but there are actually real women who've taken these outrageously decadent J-cations. The guest list includes actress Andrea Bendwald (Madison's mom, Stick It), producer Kristin Hahn (The Departed and... that's pretty much it) and her yoga instructor.

But it's exactly this suddenly humming social life that keeps Jen from finding a replacement Prince Charming. "Her friends really enjoy themselves, but I bet they're afraid that she'll find a serious boyfriend," the insider speculates, alleging they sabatoge her dates. If that's true, then they must have been shaking in their Louboutins during Jen's dinner with Bradley Cooper. But the all-expenses-paid pack had nothing to fear from Brad 2, her co-star in the upcoming He's Just Not That Into You movie. While the two had dinner at her L.A. home, her rep said it was certainly not a party for two. "It was not a romantic dinner and they were not alone," her rep said. After Bradley reads about Jen's incentive package, he might want to reevaluate that.

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Britney Spears has hit back at actress Keira Knightley for slamming her infamous flashing underwear incident.

The Pirates of the Caribbean star branded Spears a "slut" after she was photographed flashing her underwear earlier this year (07).

But the singer laughed off the comments, adding, "Who's Keira Knightley? I guess she must need the publicity".

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