Saturday, October 6, 2007

This makes me laugh!!!!

Cuz Kanye is so full of himself...

off of Holy moly!

Kanye West is bringing out a range of hideously bland clothing to complement his hideously bland music.

And the name is his cutting-edge streetwise range? 'Pastel'. Presumably 'Beige' was already taken.

In other Kanye West fashion news, a mole spotted the rapper in Paris 'doing' the shows this week. Apparently the paparazzi don't like him much (he's really fucking miserable and the only point of being in the front row is to have your picture taken) so they've all taken to calling him Kenny to piss him off. And it's working.

*** Also:

A healthy mole was exercising on a treadmill in a gym (Holmes Place, Notting Hill, if you really want to know) when to his horror Geri Halliwell's version of 'It's Raining Men' comes on MTV, causing the mole to rip off his headphones to avoid contamination.

But the singing continued, albeit rather squeakier and out of tune. Turning round, the mole saw Geri herself on the machine behind, working out and happily singing along to her own track with all the talent of a tone deaf puppy.

*hey, at least she works out!*

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