Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Because she has no talent!!!

from handbag gossip:

Paris flops Chicago audition

Paris Hilton has failed an audition for the musical Chicago, with choreographers claiming was “too stiff”.

Though her latest role is in a musical Paris Hilton has failed in her attempts to follow Ashlee Simpson and Kelly Osbourne and land in Chicago because she can’t dance. Invited to audition for a possible role as Roxie or Velma a choreographer said, “She simply can’t move! Paris was too stiff for anything beyond her trademark nightclub booty-shaking.” Ouch. But it didn’t seem as if Paris was going out of her way to win the role. “It didn’t help telling producers she ‘knew nothing’ about their show because she ‘hardly ever’ goes to the theatre.” What a pro!


Personally, with all the drugs and sex she's done, you'd think she could put her knees behind her ears and be able to move more!

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