Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Now this makes sense

And I can totally see it. Off of CDANs:

Several months ago, there were reports that the Hogans were divorcing. In fact, it was originally a blind item here and then a blind item revealed I believe. Even though there were rumblings about a divorce, it could have also been done to increase ratings for their floundering reality show.

Now, comes the news that Linda Hogan filed for divorce and that Hulk Hogan was just shocked.

Well, unless someone is cheating, a divorce rarely comes as a surprise. With Linda's retractions and Hulk's less than Academy Award winning reactions at the breakup announcement comes word that perhaps the Hogans are divorcing in order to avoid paying more money to John Graziano.

John Graziano as you will all remember is the former Marine and passenger in Nick Hogan's car when it crashed after allegedly racing another car and traveling at speeds of up to 106mph.

A divorce between the Hogans would divide the assets of the couple. This would include cars. As it stands currently, the car that Nick was driving was registered in both couple's names. If the couple divorced, and only Hulk Hogan kept his name on the registration, it would be much harder to go after Linda Hogan. There would probably have to be a separate suit filed against her and that suit would have to determine how much control she had over the car her son was driving. If, the car was transferred to Hulk's name, it could be argued that Hulk had complete control over its operation and use, and obviously since Linda didn't want it in the divorce she had nothing to do with it while they were married.

This strategy could potentially save half of the Hogan fortune and make it possible for Brooke Hogan to get the surgery she needs to try and look like a female. I don't think there is enough money in the world for that, but I'm sure they want to give it a shot.

Last week I discussed how John Graziano's parents were fighting over control of John's care. John's dad withdrew his objections last week, and John's mom was appointed guardian in charge of health decisions, while a neutral party was appointed to be in charge of John's finances and any civil suit.

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