Saturday, December 22, 2007

Blind ITems!!!

from various places:

A) This one almost makes me want to jump up and down and scream. Unfortunately I am physically unable to do so. But on the inside. The inside it is happening. Married couple. A list celebrities, but B list in their chosen profession if you judge their recent results. Husband was kicked out. He cheated. If you saw who this was, you would be jumping up and down too. Unfortunately, he is probably going to be allowed back into the house because they can't stop appearing in public together. I can't believe he cheated. Crazy. (CDAN)

B) This celebrity endured a long and painful divorce. She was heartbroken for months and it took a long time to recover. She was always close to her mother and welcomed her advice. Suddenly one day for no apparent reason she cut all ties with her mom and never wanted to see her again. Why? Insiders say our famous person suspects her mother of having an affair with her exhusband! Now she despises them both. (Janet Charlton's Hollywood)

C) Married and mega successful, with several children, but how to account for the gay young things seen coming and going from his trailer during production of his next hit? They were not part of the crew and they were not there to work… at least not on the film. Word is, he is insatiable and needs variety. Rarely does the same boy visit twice. And rarely are the boys not well taken care of. Though they are not paid professionals, per se, but they are compensated for being pretty and bendy. This is apparently a requirement. All of them have been observed to share the same body type: lean and fresh with short hair and they look like they all “belong in a music video”. Satisfaction guaranteed on both sides. He gets his and they get trips, clothes, watches, iPods… like a gay holiday year round! Always tip well to avoid talkers, savvy? (Lainey & She's already established that it isn't xenu's fav. TC)

D) Which showbiz couple had a secret split last year? When the gorgeous star caught her man in bed with her sister, he had to promise her a baby before she would get back with him . . (Page Six)

and for a couple reveals that I found:

Jonathan Jaxon's blog: Which top male music mogul once slept with his former male assistant?

Revealed by JJ as P. Diddy (Blind Item Collective)

This former A+ film actor and now a B+er with some issues has been known in the past to lend a helping hand. This time he was returning from the set of his latest film when he saw a couple on the side of the road and their car obviously not going anywhere because of the smoke coming out of it. The shoulder was very narrow and the car was almost on the highway, but no one was stopping. Our actor stopped the car he was driving and he and his passenger got out to see if they could help. After discovering the couple had no cell phone with them, and were on vacation and didn't know anyone to call, our actor let them borrow his phone and call for help. Help was going to be at least 90 minutes, so our actor offered them a lift. The problem was he was driving a two seater, and there were four people total including the actor, his companion, and the couple. Our actor told the companion/assistant to stay behind and watch the car, and then got the couple situated in the passenger seat with the woman sitting on the man's lap. He then drove them to their hotel 30 minutes away, bought them dinner and stayed with them until our actor's companion/assistant showed up at the hotel with tow truck and broken down car which was taken back to the place from which it was rented.

Answer - Ben Affleck (Blind Item Collective)

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