Wednesday, February 20, 2008

And Nobody Gave A Shit.....

from only whores married to skeletons sell off baby pics before birth has happened....

By Courtney Hazlett
The Scoop
updated 9:45 p.m. CT, Mon., Feb. 18, 2008

Courtney Hazlett
The Scoop

How much is too much to pay for baby photos? That’s the many-million-dollar question, and it’s being asked now more than ever as the end of Jennifer Lopez’ pregnancy grows near.

Although magazines make it a rule to not disclose the final numbers, People magazine reportedly shelled out $6 million for the first crack at photos of J.Lo’s twins, but that deal only accounts for rights to publish the pics in the United States.

OK! magazine has also struck an exclusive deal for photos of the Lopez/Anthony babies. Their pics will run in OK!’s 15 international editions, the magazine confirms. “It is fantastic for those markets, and especially important with the immense strength the exclusive will bring to the new launch of OK! Spain,” said a spokesperson for the magazine. The Spain edition launches March 26. (Which begs the question: Is J.Lo not due for another month?)

So why pass on the rights to publish the photos here in the United States? One magazine industry insider said that frankly, Lopez’ appeal in the U.S. isn’t as broad as many people — including Lopez — would like to think.

“Look at her track record with her movies, and look at her album sales. The U.S. market hasn’t been fascinated with her in some time,” the insider explained. “It makes more sense to not spend a fortune on photos that won’t cause a noticeable increase on the newsstand. This just isn’t going to sell like Shiloh (Jolie-Pitt), and $6 million is a lot of money.”

Another magazine insider says that the OK! approach is noteworthy. “There’s a real difference between U.S. appeal and international appeal, and most celebrities don’t really understand that.”

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